Operator Terminals feature intelligent design.

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Available in 3 touch display models and 2 key-operated models, EXTER(TM) Series includes 6.5, 10.4, and 15.1 in. terminals. Each web-enabled terminal can act as server and client in network. Operating on CE.NET v4.2, units feature Intel XScale processor, dual driver functionality, and Persistent Storage Manager, which keeps data safe in case of power failure. Information Designer software configures systems and illustrates what application will look like in real life.

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EXTER(TM) Operator Terminals - Intelligent design

When form is a matter of function
When it comes to meeting current and future HMI demands, no other company can match Beijer Electronics' passion to offer users the latest technology, and their ability to push back the boundaries of user-friendliness.

Beijer Electronics now presents the most intelligently designed HMI: the EXTER series operator terminals, a bold step forward in human machine interface design combining true user-friendliness with high performance and functionality. In addition, Beijer Electronics presents a new configuration software: Information Designer, the user-friendly software tool that will save you engineering costs.

Beijer Electronics created the concept Intelligent Design in developing the new operator terminal series EXTER. With Intelligent Design as the leading concept in all aspects of the product development, the result is products that are superior in user-friendliness, ergonomics, functionality and performance.

Design is no longer only about aesthetics
Can you judge someone's inside by the looks? Well, now you can!

Superior in elegant looks as well as in user-friendliness, ergonomics, functionality and performance, the EXTER operator terminals prove that hot looks can easily go with intelligence. Professional industrial designers helped perfect the functional and inviting look that will enrich any application.

Hardware and software in intelligent conjunction
An operator terminal on a Windows CE platform is nothing new. But an operator terminal on CE platform that is truly ready to meet industry demands on safety and performance is a novelty. State-of-the-art technology on both the hardware and the software side is the foundation of the new EXTER series.

"With the CE.NET version 4.2, we see a very stable and reliable platform which has proven its resilience in a host of industrial products. In addition, with the new Intel XScale processor (PXA270), we have a powerful processor suitable for running CE on, and meets the demands from our customers. A strong combination that was the logical choice for our new HMI platform", explains Tommy Håkansson, Technical Manager at Beijer Electronics.

To perfect of the new HMI platform, the best of several technologies was selected. The implemented solutions include the Persistent Storage Manager, a feature that will keep your data safe in case of power failure or interruptions.

Communication made easy
Beijer Electronics was first to introduce web-enabled operator terminals, and the new EXTER series does not stand back in this respect. Each operator terminal can act as both server and client in a network and is fully web-enabled. Even the controller system is accessible via the operator terminal, for example for maintenance purposes, monitoring or remote operation. Naturally, this openness is protected by security levels defined in the application.

Truly easy communication comes from intelligent driver technology. Beijer Electronics offer a wide selection of drivers that are simple to configure. Advanced dual drivers functionality enables connected controller systems to exchange data - independently of manufacturer or type of equipment, thanks to the ever-increasing selection of easy-to-configure drivers. This is intelligent product design.

Quick and easy configuration
The new software Information Designer from Beijer Electronics enables you to configure your HMI system quickly and easily. True to the Intelligent Design concept, Information Designer is the configuration tool for all of Beijer Electronics' operator terminals, including the popular CIMREX series operator terminals.

Less than 10 minutes is all you need to get your first application running. An abundance of ready-made objects and functions make it simple for you to create applications by just pointing and placing on the screen. The software illustrates exactly what your application will look like in real life, and enables you to instantly test your work in the off-line simulator - the easiest way to make sure your application is all you want it to be. Developers can choose between six menu languages in Information Designer, and can set up several languages for the application, a powerful tool in creating user-friendly applications.

A bold step forward
Design is no longer only about aesthetics. With the HMI series EXTER, Beijer Electronics introduces the Intelligent Design concept: A new standard for HMI systems, proving Beijer Electronics to be leading the development with a state-of-the-art product, superior in user-friendliness, ergonomics, functionality and performance.

For more information, please contact:
Jürgen Bischhaus, Geschäftsführer Beijer Electronics GmbH: +49 711 327 599-0
Anders Nilsson, Marketing Manager, Beijer Electronics AB: +46 4035 8600

Facts about EXTER
The EXTER series operator terminals is introduced Autumn 2004 with a total of five models; three sizes of touch display models and two key operated models. The display sizes are 6.5", 10.4" and 15.1". All displays are high-resolution TFT displays, with pixel resolutions of 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 for the large 15.1" touch display model.

The slim design offers a mounting depth of less than 60 mm for all models. All operator terminals have IP65 front cover protection degree, are CE and UL marked and DNV tested.

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