OpenPOWER Summit Showcases Altera FPGA Acceleration Technology

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Altera Corporation (Nasdaq: ALTR) today announced its FPGA acceleration solutions are being prominently showcased throughout the OpenPOWER Summit 2015. Luminaries from industry and academia participating in the event are using the OpenPOWER Summit to "Rethink the Data Center" through panel discussions, presentations and demonstrations. Altera and its partners are showing attendees how FPGAs are enabling the development of highly efficient, highly differentiated data center acceleration solutions. The OpenPOWER Summit takes place at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, Calif., March 17-19.

As an OpenPOWER Foundation member, Altera is collaborating with several partners to develop high-performance compute solutions that integrate IBM POWER® CPUs with Altera's FPGA-based acceleration technologies. Altera and its partners are leveraging the OpenPOWER Summit to reveal a wide range of FPGA-based OpenPOWER solutions, including FPGA-acceleration applications programmed using OpenCL.


    --  Altera is demonstrating its OpenPOWER CAPI Developer Kit with coherent

        shared memory between an IBM POWER8 CPU and an FPGA accelerator

        leveraging IBM's Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) and

        programmed using OpenCL.

    --  Algo-Logic Systems is demonstrating a CAPI-enabled order book. The

        solution processes level-3 market data, sorts orders, and transfers

        level-2 snapshots and BBO pricing to POWER8 shared memory using

        Stratix® V FPGAs on a Nallatech CORSA card.

    --  Algo-Logic Systems is also demonstrating a Key-Value Search (KVS)

        solution targeting large data centers.

    --  Nallatech is showcasing their CAPI Hardware Developer Kit, featuring an

        Altera Stratix® V FPGA, along with a PMC NVMExpress attached demo.


    --  Nick Finamore, Altera, and chair of the OpenPOWER accelerator workgroup,

        will provide an overview of accelerator opportunities for OpenPOWER.

    --  John Lockwood, Algo-Logic, is describing how financial service firms are

        using FPGAs to compute heterogeneously with Gateware Defined Networking

        (GDN) to build order books and trade with the lowest latency.

    --  Allan Cantel, Nallatech, is presenting on enabling coherent FPGA


    --  Stephen Bates, PMC-Sierra, is showcasing an NVMe demo using Altera FPGAs

        and PMC's FLASHTec controllers.

    --  Jeff Cassidy, University of Toronto, is presenting a CAPI-attached

        Photodynamic Cancer Therapy planning with FullMonte on OpenPOWER

        accelerated with Altera FPGAs.

About the OpenPOWER Summit

The OpenPOWER Summit is hosted within the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) and includes attendees from the technology sector, developers, researchers and government agencies. The summit has a lineup of keynote speakers, technical workgroup updates and member presentations. The three-day event will kick off the morning of Tuesday, March 17 with an exhibitor pavilion where OpenPOWER members will display and demonstrate OpenPOWER-based products and projects. More information can be found at


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