OpenMake Software Utilizes Microsoft Technologies to Improve Enterprise Software Builds

OpenMake Meister complements Microsoft's Team Foundation Server technology to take advantage of build support for multilanguage software applications

CHICAGO, Oct. 25 / - OpenMake Software, a leading provider of build-to-release management solutions, today announced tools to integrate with Microsoft Corp.'s Team Foundation Server, extending build support for multiplatform, and cross language development projects.

OpenMake Software's Meister solution, used in conjunction with Microsoft's Team Foundation Server, breaks down the barriers developers often face when developing in a cross language or cross platform environment. OpenMake Meister supports a single build workflow that will build Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2003, Visual Studio 6.0, Java JEE applications as well as legacy systems written in UNIX, Linux or z/OS.

OpenMake Meister extends the Team Foundation Server technology to support continuous integration builds, build avoidance and build best practices through Meister's Build Services. Developers working in Lean development methodologies can enforce build best practices and standards using MSBuild combined with Meister's Build Services. Developers can improve build speeds using Meister's Build Avoidance while implementing consistent Continuous Integration build loops from Team Foundation Server.

"Meister and Team Foundation Server simplifies the process of building cross language applications. Developers who are building applications using both Java and Microsoft-based tools can centralize all build steps into a single build workflow. In addition, developers working in a purely Microsoft environment can benefit from the build standards and lean development methodology that these solutions support", explains Steve Taylor, CTO of OpenMake Software.

"Microsoft is pleased to see OpenMake Meister build on the extensibility of Team Foundation Server to provide cross-platform and advanced build services. Through support for the Visual Studio development environment, Meister also brings greater flexibility to the build process. In addition, it adds value in the area of build forensics, linking production binaries back to their development origins," said Terry Clancy, business development manager for the Developer Division at Microsoft.

Meister Technology from OpenMake

Meister technology actively manages software builds, going well beyond executing ad-hoc scripts and process automation. Meister lets an organization build upon and share build best practices throughout the enterprise by refining build definitions and execution processes through extendable Build Methods. Meister eliminates redundant, repetitive manual work by actively adapting, generating and tuning build-control elements and doing deep dependency scanning for thorough component discovery.

Meister builds components by consistently managing parameters, directories, source code and build-object characteristics across all of the dissimilar languages, development tools and target-execution environments that a complex project embraces. Where others stop at a single programming language like the Java language, or a single closed-deployment environment, Meister extends the development team's reach to consistently build and manage new technologies as they appear. This saves time and money as it allows developers to focus on function and component quality instead of the repetitive mechanics of just making software builds succeed.

About OpenMake Software

OpenMake Software has been the innovator of Build-to-Release Project Management and Best Practices solutions for global 2000 organizations since 1995. By revealing the mysteries of the build to release process, Openmake Software enables IT teams to increase collaboration, adaptability and speed. Through its innovative Build Services and Build Forensics, OpenMake links development efforts to production results, while consolidating error prone redundancies normally found in ad hoc scripts. With more than 35,000 users worldwide and over 400 installations, OpenMake bridges the gap between development efforts and production results.

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