Open PortaSwitch Architecture Gives WorldCall Flexibility to Satisfy Multiple VoIP Industry Customers Worldwide

Global Provider Customizes PortaOne's VoIP Billing/Subscriber Management Platform to Meet Needs of Service Providers, Resellers, and End-Users with Wide Range of VoIP Requirements

COQUITLAM, British Columbia - WorldCall, a Belgium-based provider of VoIP infrastructure services, prides itself on meeting its business customers at their point of need. Unlike many of its competitors, however, WorldCall has set itself apart in this highly crowded global market by building a set of proprietary and highly marketable VoIP tools and services. As Alex Grichine, WorldCall Manager, explains it, such a move wouldn't have been possible without PortaSwitch.

"When you're talking to customers that range from service providers to resellers and end-users, you have to be able to offer virtually everything the industry needs, and then some," said Mr. Grichine. "PortaSwitch lets us do that."

PortaSwitch, the flagship product of PortaOne, is one of the telecom industry's most reliable and popular integrated VoIP infrastructure systems. Capable of handling the complete call control, routing, proxying, and converged billing functions of a diversified digital services company, PortaSwitch lets wholesale VoIP carriers and telecommunication service providers reliably service a wide variety of wholesale and retail accounts. But as Mr. Grichine points out, PortaSwitch's open architecture also supports creative additions to the traditional VoIP service set.

"Since 2005, WorldCall has built a number of products atop PortaSwitch that makes us different from our competitors. Today most of our products rest on PortaSwitch due to its excellent functionality and flexibility," he states.

For WorldCall's VoIP service provider customers, PortaSwitch contains all the hardware and software components needed to service residential and commercial telecom accounts. VoIP resellers can white-label PortaSwitch to meet the needs of callshops, offices, hotels, call centers, calling card distributors and home users, all without expending capital on VoIP network infrastructure. The platform also allows WorldCall to interconnect with many of the world's leading telecom carriers; using its intelligent routing engine, PortaSwitch automatically finds the best call routing based on the customer's particular service subscription.

Layered over PortaSwitch's all-in-one capabilities is a menu of exclusive features developed in-house by WorldCall to provide an even greater level of service. As Mr. Grichine explains, many of the features have helped his company win entire classes of business.

"Our PortaToolbox offering has given resellers and service providers ways to improve service and become more profitable. The toolbox has a host of powerful tools including an intelligent, real-time call routing engine, intelligent selling tariff generator, and cost/revenue reporting features," said Mr. Grichine. "Many of the tools let our upstream customers react quickly to changing tariffs, quality-rate ratios and network conditions."

For end-users in the callshop industry, WorldCall has developed a callshop billing system that supports push-to-talk, pre-paid and post-paid call scenarios, a multi-language user interface, and the ability to block or unblock each booth from the operator's interface, among other services.

"WorldCall is very satisfied with PortaSwitch's reliability and functionality, as well as the ease with which we can develop and implement new modules as needed," said Mr. Grichine. "As a subscriber to PortaOne's PortaCare service, we also receive fast and professional technical support whenever we need it, 24/7. With PortaSwitch we're able to offer the unique technologies that, in turn, let our customers do their own business."

PortaSwitch consists of a real-time billing system, class 4/5 SIP softswitch, and media applications that deliver converged VoIP billing and provisioning, SIP call control, unified messaging, IP Centrex and hosted IP PBX, callback management, IVRs, conferencing and more. For more information about PortaSwitch, email PortaOne at [email protected] or call 866 SIP VOIP (866 747 8647) or +1 604 628 2508 outside North America.

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