Open Frame LED Monitor features small form factor design.

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Accommodating applications that require small form factor screen, LWT-0431O 4.3 in. wide LED open frame monitor provides composite video input that enables out-of-the-box use with range of instruments and devices. Possible applications include, but are not limited to, video surveillance, digital signage, navigation units/sonar equipment, analytical handheld devices, process control equipment, and instruments used for monitoring purposes.

Original Press Release:

Caltron Introduces a New Really Small Form Factor Monitor to the Line of Open Frame Monitors

With so many monitor sizes available that can be used in a variety of applications, there will always be a need for specific screen sizes to accommodate the needs of projects that uses different screen sizes.  At times, there will be certain companies that can create customized display sizes to meet the needs of specific projects, this is usually not done due to cost factors and rarely, will integrators and project designers, not, try to find a display solution that is already on the market to implement into the application.  While not all screen sizes can be made, there will usually be screen sizes that are implemented to try and accommodate the market demands.

A size that Caltron used to carry was the 4 inch monitor, however this panel size was discontinued and the unit had to be discontinued as well.  After much engineering and design, Caltron’s engineers have reinvented the 4 inch monitor, this time the panel size used is a 4.3 inch wide open frame monitor.  At one time, there were and still are many uses for an open frame monitor this size.  Caltron’s LWT-0431O, 4.3 Inch Wide LED Open Frame Monitor can be used in applications that require a very small form factor screen.  In most cases, the types of applications that can use this type of monitor would be video surveillance or possibly digital signage.  Integrating a 4 inch monitor, whether it is strictly display purposes or touch screen can be a useful tool in other applications that is not limited to navigation units or sonar equipment.  Industrial applications and instruments can use a 4.3 inch monitor for analytical handheld devices or process control equipment or instruments for monitoring purposes.

A unique design for the LWT-0431O that Caltron engineers have created into the open frame monitor as a standard is only a composite video input for display.  Since the resolution on this size screen is much lower than many of Caltron’s typical open frame monitors, a VGA video input is not necessary.  Most applications that use such a small form factor screen display would likely use a composite video output, so to save integrating hassle, the 4.3 inch open frame monitor comes with a composite input which can be used right out of the box for any type of application or instrument device.

Typically, it might not seem like a 4.3 inch wide open frame monitor may be the most viable solution for industrial applications, but it is quite the contrary.  There are quite a bit of uses for a smaller size screen.  While most industrial applications seem to be geared towards larger screen sizes such as a 12 inch or 15 inch monitor, a 4.3 inch monitor can be more flexible and easily integrated into monitoring solutions, there are in fact, many industrial instruments that can find a 4 inch open frame monitor a viable solution.   There will always be certain solutions that require a 4 inch monitor because any larger of a size screen might not be suitable and will not fit.  There will always be a need for both larger size screens and really small form factor screens for industrial applications so long as there is a need for displays to be integrated into the solution.

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