Open Chassis secures Mini-ITX or 3.5 in. mainboards.

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Measuring 202 x 25 x 260 mm, Model LGX CT100 solves space and installation challenges within larger enclosures such as cabinets and kiosks. Rather than custom mounting individual components directly to enclosure, CT100 offers range of mounting provisions and requires only DIN rail or screw studs for attachment of plate to enclosure. Chassis provides slots for cable management, fan mounts for extra cooling, and support for different power supply types.

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Mini-ITX Mounting Frame Simplifies Cabinet Installation Challenges

Logic Supply, a leading provider of specialized computers for industrial and embedded applications, introduces the LGX CT100 Open Chassis. Built to secure a wide range of Mini-ITX (or 3.5") mainboards and other system components to a single base, the CT100 solves space and installation challenges within larger enclosures such as cabinets and kiosks.

Rodney Hill oversees product development at LGX Systems, Logic Supply's engineering arm. He introduced the case:

"The CT100 is a "case option" designed to be an open mounting plate solution. A CT100-based system fits into an existing electrical cabinet, kiosk, or piece of manufacturing equipment, gives a compact home for all the IT equipment, and has the benefit of being accessible to those who need to maintain the IT over time."

He continued, "We also think it's ideal for bench-top configuration testing. It holds all your parts safely while you debug and prototype your system."

The CT100 represents a ready-made, economical mounting solution for larger enclosures. Rather than custom mounting the individual components directly to the enclosure, the CT100 offers a range of mounting provisions and requires only a DIN rail or screw studs for attachment of the plate to the enclosure. And because it secures the system without a full enclosure, engineers have continued, convenient access to the system and its components for easily swapping parts.

Moreover, because there is no physical enclosure, many different system configurations are available. The case supports the full range of Mini-ITX and 3.5" motherboards and power supply options.

Key features and specs include:

· DIN mount and bi-directional keyway mounts for quick attachment and removal

· Multiple mounting options for expansion I/O, antennas, hard drives

· Support for different power supply types - wide input DC, universal AC (adaptor or Flex ATX, a good option for both UL testing and use with 120/240vac equipment)

· Slots for easy cable management

· Optional vibration mounting provisions for use in continuous shock and vibration environments

· 10 mm pems allows for easy mounting of motherboards with tall underside components

· Fan mounts for extra cooling within stagnant air environments

· Dimensions (w x h x d) - 202 x 25 x 260 mm

Logic Supply offers system assembly around the CT100 mounting frame. A configured unit can be built, tested, and shipped in a static safe box to the customer where it can be installed effortlessly. The CT100 can also be modified for different mounting needs, additional hard drives, color and logo, and other retrofit requirements. Minimum order quantities with customization as low as 100.

The LGX CT100 is now available from Logic Supply starting at $39.00 USD:

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