Online Banking Solutions target retail and business users.

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Providing customer-interaction software for financial services, S1 Personal Banking v3.5 and Business Banking v3.5 offer international and affiliate banking capabilities as well as personal financial management and customer segmentation functionality. Business Banking version also includes multilingual online interface (Foreign Exchange module), e-Statements module, and ability to withhold child support payments on behalf of their employees.

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S1 Corporation Delivers New Retail and Business Online Banking Solutions

S1 Personal Banking and Business Banking Released into Managed Introduction Program

ATLANTA, March 6 / -- S1 Corporation (NASDAQ:SONE), a leading provider of customer-interaction software for financial services, announced today the release of the S1 Personal Banking 3.5 and Business Banking 3.5 solutions into its Managed Introduction Program. With enhanced international and affiliate banking capabilities as well as personal financial management and customer segmentation functionality, the new version of S1's applications will allow financial institutions to better service and sell to their customers while leveraging a common platform -- the S1 Enterprise Platform -- to reduce system maintenance and support costs.

With this release, S1 leverages its 10 years of experience in online banking, as the company took the world's first bank live on the Internet in 1996, and its extensive knowledge of leading edge J2EE technology to deliver robust capabilities that set new standards in self-service banking. As the newest release of its online Enterprise solutions, S1 has approximately 80 financial institutions around the world using the S1 Enterprise Platform and anticipates upgrading many of these customers to the new release after the Managed Introduction Program is complete.

According to Ross McKay, vice president of self-service banking products for S1 Corporation, "As the Enterprise products continue to mature and become more robust, the new release enables S1 to address the growing demand for a common platform for both retail and business online banking solutions. We are excited to begin working with the selected customers in our Managed Introduction Program to focus our attention on ensuring these customers' success as we roll out the release on a broader basis later this year."

Key Enhancements:

Banks hoping to tap into the rapidly growing multi-lingual market are now able to use S1 Personal Banking and Business Banking to offer these customer segments a compelling online banking experience. With S1, bank customers are able to choose their preferred language for interacting with their bank online, while reducing the bank's required support and maintenance.

With a single instance of the S1 Enterprise solution running, financial institutions can use the capabilities of the S1 Application Manager found in the S1 Enterprise Platform to segment their customers and customize online products and price points accordingly. This not only generates significant new revenue opportunities for the financial institutions, it also creates a more compelling experience for the bank's customers.

S1's Personal Finance Manager (PFM) provides banks' online users a single online banking environment that delivers seamless access to financial management tools such as the online check register that are integrated with real-time account information and reporting capabilities for personal financial planning. This enables banks to cultivate more active and loyal online customers that repeatedly use their Web sites to perform advanced banking tasks.

The applications' new e-Statements module, which allows users through an online interface to "opt out" of receiving paper statements, further extends the bank's ability to reduce the costs associated with the labor and postage.

The new Foreign Exchange (FX) module, a part of the S1 Business Banking solution, provides daily rate sheets, giving banks improved spread income opportunities as part of their FX offering. S1 Business Banking also offers another ACH payment method, adding the child support payment capability for employers to withhold these payments on behalf of their employees.

About S1 Enterprise

S1 Enterprise Personal Banking and S1 Enterprise Business Banking are among the company's seven major applications integrated on the S1 Enterprise Platform. These applications also include S1 Corporate Banking, S1 Enterprise Teller, S1 Enterprise Sales & Service Platform, S1 Enterprise Call Center, and S1 Enterprise Marketing Center. The applications can be implemented independently or collectively as an integrated solution.

About S1 Corporation

S1 Corporation is a leading global provider of customer-facing software for more than 4,000 banks and insurance providers around the world. Comprised of applications that address virtually every market segment and delivery channel, S1 solutions help integrate and optimize an institution's entire front office, resulting in increased operational efficiencies, revenue opportunities and overall customer satisfaction. S1 is the only provider with the proven experience, breadth of products and financial strength to empower financial services companies' enterprise strategies. Additional information about S1 is available at

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