Online Analyzer measures total nitrogen and phosphorus.

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TNPC-4110 Series is capable of simultaneously measuring total nitrogen and total phosphorus in water. System can pretreat, digest, and analyze sample automatically, eliminating possible errors involved in sample preparation. Able to analyze multiple streams, series also features Sample Thief functionality for analyzing particulated sample streams. Optional TNPC-4110(C) Series can also monitor total organic carbon.

Original Press Release:

Total Nitrogen/Total Phosphorus Online Analyzers

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the new TNPC-4110 Series online analyzers which are capable of simultaneously measuring Total Nitrogen (TN) and Total Phosphorus (TP) in water. Easy-to-operate and simple-to-maintain, the TNPC-4110 analyzers are intended for use as automatic water analyzers in compliance with the water quality regulations currently being prepared governing total nitrogen and total phosphorus. These nutrients are monitored as indicators of the harmful effects of eutrophication, which leads to excess algae growth and red tide. This phenomena results in insufficient dissolved oxygen in the water and a decrease in aquatic organisms. The TNPC-4110 provides the customer with a complete system that is capable of pretreating, digesting, and analyzing the sample automatically, saving time and labor and eliminating errors involved in sample preparation.

Shimadzu's new TNPC-4110 Series online analyzers offer a number of capital as well as operational cost-reducing features. A single unit can analyze multiple streams, without bringing samples to the laboratory, and the optional "Sample Thief" eliminates the need for expensive filters when analyzing particulated sample streams. Total Organic Carbon (TOC) can also be monitored in addition to the TN/TP on the optional TNPC-4110(C) Series. These models incorporate automatic calibration using standard on-board solutions as well as user-defined calibration checks and measurement conditions. Measurement ranges from ppb level to thousands of ppm for TN, TP, and TOC.

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