ONEMAX Commercially Deploys Veraz's IMS Core in Mobile WiMAX Network

One of first IMS over mobile WIMAX networks to carry live traffic

SAN JOSE, CA -- November 27, 2007 -- Veraz Networks, Inc., (NASDAQ: VRAZ), a leading global provider of IP softswitch and media gateway solutions, today announced that ONEMAX, an innovative broadband wireless provider, has officially launched its WiMAX 802.16e network in the Dominican Republic on October 24, 2007. This marks the first IMS over mobile WiMAX deployment in the Americas. ONEMAX is using Veraz's award-winning IMS over WiMAX solution, which includes the Veraz User Services Core(TM) (USC), ControlSwitch(TM) and I-Gate 4000(TM) series of media gateways to deliver services in a multi-vendor environment.

ONEMAX is now offering Internet, multimedia and VoIP services over mobile broadband. At the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony for the network launch, the carrier demonstrated video telephony, high-definition streaming video, mobile broadband Internet access and VoIP services.

Through its modular, programmable, and distributed architecture, Veraz's solution provides ONEMAX with the flexibility to use the latest technology to provide advanced mobile, VoIP, data and multimedia services. The ControlSwitch enables ONEMAX to integrate with third-party components including application servers, end user devices, session border controllers and Business and Operational Support Systems for service delivery on the WiMAX network. Additionally, Veraz's I-Gate 4000 media gateways provide connectivity between ONEMAX and other network operators.

"We are very excited to have turned up the traffic on our groundbreaking network," said Raoul Fontanez, CEO of ONEMAX. "IMS and WiMAX are two of the hottest technologies in networking and live traffic is proving the benefits of this solution. Veraz has been an outstanding partner who has been instrumental in getting this project off the ground."

"Veraz is pleased to deliver on the promise of IMS in this now commercially live network. We're seeing how combining IMS and WiMAX can bridge the digital divide to make advanced services more accessible to consumers who otherwise would not have access to broadband," said Doug Sabella, CEO of Veraz.


ONEMAX is a pioneering service provider offering a wide range of wireless voices and data services including VoIP, high-speed wireless data connectivity and multimedia services to businesses and consumers. ONEMAX is one of the first in the Americas to deploy a commercial WiMAX network. For further information

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