One Stop Systems and Cheetah RAID Storage Introduce the First Flash Storage Array Test System

Test 32 NVMe SFF-8639 SSD's or PCIe 3.0 cards at one time

Rapid insertion removal of device under test (DUT)

ESCONDIDO, California — One Stop Systems, the leader in PCIe expansion products for HPC applications, and Cheetah RAID Storage, the leader in PCIe RAID Storage test systems, introduce The Flash Storage Array Test System (FSA-TS)* that allows the rapid insertion and removal of 32 PCIe 3.0 cards or nVME SSD's to be tested at one time. This considerable increase in production allows manufacturers to get their products to market quicker and with less overhead.

"The OSS collaboration with Cheetah RAID Storage on the FSA Test System offers manufacturers of NVMe SSDs and PCIe Flash storage cards a way to test their products quickly and efficiently," said Steve Cooper OSS CEO. "Manufacturers can then get their products to market quicker with less overhead. A single operator can install 32 cards into the slots, run their specific test applications and remove any number of cards at any time while other cards remain under test. There are few products on the market today that can increase time and efficiency as much. OSS, along with valuable partners like Cheetah RAID Storage, continues to push the envelope for PCIe expansion systems."

"Combining the dense PCIe expansion products of OSS with the test optimized Cheetah RAID Storage PCIe riser and NVMe adapter naturally provides a superior test product to flash manufacturers," said Doug Emby, Cheetah RAID Storage CEO. "No single test system today has the density and flexibility of the Flash Storage Array Test System. By combining multiple FSA-TS units to a single server, manufacturers can build test stations of 128 cards or drives from a single server in a single test rack."

The 4U test chassis consists of four removable canisters, each with eight Cheetah RAID Storage PCIe test riser cards or nVME SFF-8639 test adapter cards installed in each canister. Each riser contains software controlled high and low voltage margining and remote power on/off for running short or long term remote test scripts.  The riser also supports a manual power on/off switch and acts as a slot saver thereby preserving the main chassis backplane.  By using the individual software controlled or manual power switches, flash manufacturers can shut off the power to each DUT, allowing the insertion/ removal of a single PCIe card or nVME drive while others remain under test. Cards or drives can be removed using the front removable canisters for bulk removal operations or singularly through the hinged top cover for easy access to all 32 cards. Three 1200-watt power supplies provide 2400 watts of redundant power to the system.

About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems pioneered standards-based PCIe expansion products starting in 2005. OSS continues its pioneering tradition by producing High Performance Computing Appliances targeting advanced technologies in any market with high-performance, high-density requirements. OSS provides flexible platforms for high-density, next generation storage, GPU accelerated computing and professional audio and video applications. OSS also customizes our products to make them fit our customers' precise requirements. Custom and semi-custom products have long been OSS' core capability. OSS has a proven record of producing the highest quality products through superior engineering, ISO9001-2008 quality-driven production, and responsive pre- and post-sales support. For more information, contact our sales department toll free at (877) 438-2724.

About Cheetah RAID Storage

Cheetah RAID Storage was founded in 2006 to develop, provide RAID storage and servers to video surveillance companies. Since then Cheetah RAID has become a leader in RAID storage for NATO around the world and sole source provider to SPAWAR and other government agencies as well as commercial customers. Cheetah RAID has built a reputation on quality, dependability and exceptional customer service. Due to our commitment to uncompromising performance and quality we support federal, commercial, and non-profit organizations over a global client base.

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