One-Part Silicones cure rapidly when exposed to UV/Vis light.

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Comprised of 7 products, Loctite® Light Cure Silicones offer cure depths up to 2 in. and cure fully in seconds when exposed to high-powered UV or visible light. Solvent-free adhesives/sealants deliver elastic seal with optimized degradation resistance. Able to bond with silicone, plastic, and metal substrates, they exhibit weather, temperature, and moisture resistance. Uses include general bonding and sealing as well as replacing molded or die-cut gaskets and coating applications.

Original Press Release:

Rapid, Deep Curing Materials for Potting, Encapsulating, Bonding and Gasketing


Rocky Hill, Conn. - June 25, 2009... In today's challenging economy where manufacturers are looking for more effective ways to reduce cycle times, racking space and overall costs, Henkel Corporation introduces a complete line of Loctite(R) Light Cure Silicone adhesives/sealants that cure fully in seconds on exposure to high-powered UV or visible light.

Loctite(R) Light Cure Silicones deliver an elastic seal with excellent degradation resistance. With cure depths up to two inches, these solvent-free, one-part silicones bond well to silicone, plastic and metal substrates. Designed for general industrial bonding and sealing, Loctite(R) Light Cure Silicones are used to assemble air conditioning and heating equipment, optical instruments, medical/surgical devices, exterior lighting and enclosures, circuit breakers, electrical connectors/sensors and fiber optics. These materials can also be used to replace molded or die-cut gaskets and for coating applications.

All Loctite(R) Light Cure Silicones offer superior weather, temperature and moisture resistance. These translucent materials will not degrade or yellow on long-term exposure to light. The products can be dispensed manually or with Loctite® semi-automatic dispensing systems.

A total of seven products make up the new Loctite(R) Light Cure Silicone line. Loctite(R) 5050(TM) is a cured-in-place silicone gasketing material that replaces costly, unreliable compression gaskets. Loctite(R) 5055(TM) is a low viscosity, self-leveling silicone designed for high-speed potting, coating, bonding and sealing. Loctite(R) 5056(TM) is a medium viscosity, flowable material that offers high adhesion to hard-to-bond substrates, and superior heat and humidity resistance.

The remaining four products offer a secondary moisture cure that ensures complete cure in shadowed areas. Three of these products also feature a built-in fluorescence detection system for easy quality inspection. Loctite(R) 5031(TM) Nuva-Sil(R) is a self-leveling silicone that flows easily onto parts for high-speed potting, coating and sealing. Loctite(R) 5033(TM) Nuva-Sil(R) is a thixotropic silicone paste designed for high speed bonding, tacking or sealing. Loctite(R) 5039(TM) Nuva-Sil(R) is a semi-flowable silicone paste that allows high-speed, in-line gasketing and sealing. Loctite(R) 5240(TM) Nuva-Sil(R) is a self-leveling silicone for high-speed bonding and sealing.

Neutral curing and non-corrosive, Loctite(R) 5050(TM), 5055(TM), 5056(TM) and 5240(TM) are ideal for electronic component assembly. Offering ISO 10993 biocompatibility, Loctite(R) 5055(TM), 5056(TM) and 5240(TM) are suitable for use in medical device assembly.

For more information on the patented line of Loctite(R) Light Cure Silicones, call 1-800-LOCTITE.

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