One-Component Sealant offers no slump, non-sag properties.

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Bostik® 2175 FS environmentally-sound, 100% solids sealant meets demands of transportation industry. Based on silyl polyurethane sealant hybrid polymer technology, sealant is suited for overhead and vertical seam-sealing and gap-filling applications. Non-yellowing, paint-compatible formula adheres to aluminum, wood, and FRP. It is free of xylene, acetone, MEK, and similar solvents. At 70°F, moisture-curing product is tack-free in 20-40 min and fully cures in 24-36 hr.

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Bostik Findley Introduces Bostik® 2175 FS for Demanding Transportation Vehicle Applications

Environmentally Sound Sealant Offers No Slump, Non-Sag Properties

MIDDLETON, Mass., Jan. 30, 2004 -- Bostik Findley, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, and lubricants, has introduced Bostik® 2175 FS: a new one-component, 100-percent solids sealant specially designed to meet the rigorous demands of the transportation industry.

Based on Bostik® silyl polyurethane sealant (SPS) hybrid polymer technology, Bostik 2175 FS is an economical, moisture-curing formulation whose non-sag properties surpass the performance of conventional sealants in a range of overhead and vertical seam-sealing and vertical gap-filling applications. Its non-yellowing, paint compatible formula provides outstanding adhesion to aluminum, wood, FRP, and other substrates typically used in the fabrication and assembly of transportation equipment and vehicles.

Free of xylene, acetone, MEK or similar solvents, Bostik 2175 FS is an environmentally compatible product, meeting the newest and most stringent SCAQMD and CARB (Calif.) air quality emissions standards. Volatile organic compound (VOC) content is very low (<30 g/l), and it does not contain hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

Virtually odor free, 2175 FS is suitable for waterproofing exterior lap seams and gap filling applications that require low-sealant shrinkage upon cure. It can be used for fabricating and assembling truck trailers and containers, recreational vehicles (RV's), livestock or grain trailers, as well as industrial-grade HVAC equipment.

Typical uses include sealing aluminum, steel, roof rails and sidewall seams; waterproofing interior and exterior rivet seams and corrosion prevention of rivet heads; bonding and sealing joints constructed of pre-painted aluminum or other metal.

Fast-curing and delivering high tensile strength, Bostik 2175 FS withstands the harshest over-the-road conditions while providing economical in-service performance for all types of transportation equipment.

Bostik 2175 FS quickly cures by reacting to atmospheric moisture to form a tough, flexible seal with excellent UV resistance. At 70° F, the product is tack free in 20 to 40 minutes and fully cures in 24 to 36 hours. Typical physical properties of Bostik 2175 FS include 145 psi tensile strength, 45 Shore A hardness value, and temperature resistance from -40° to 225°F.

Easily extruded Bostik 2175 FS is available in 10-oz. and 20-oz. sausage packages, as well as 10.3-oz. cartridges. It can be dispensed manually or by way of a pneumatic (air-powered) applicator equipped with interchangeable nozzles.

Bostik Findley, Inc. is a unit of Total SA, a $93-billion multinational company with extensive worldwide interests in oil exploration, petroleum refining and the formulation of specialty chemicals. Bostik Findley is among the world's leading adhesives and sealants manufacturers with production facilities and sales operations in 36 nations across five continents. Bostik Findley produces and supplies customized adhesives, sealants and coatings for automotive and aircraft interiors, MRO applications, the marine and transportation markets, industrial and product manufacturing, packaging, disposable nonwovens, residential and commercial building projects as well as comprehensive products for the tile and flooring industry.

For further information on Bostik® 2175 FS, or any of Bostik Findley's other products and services, contact Bostik Findley, Inc., 211 Boston St., Middleton, Mass. 01949-2128. Telephone: (888) 603-8558 in the United States and (800) 461-0418 in Canada. Additional details are also available at the company's web site,

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