One-Component Epoxy maintains properties over temperature range.

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Able to withstand stretching, impact, and heating/cooling, 50-3122 is formulated to maintain optimal peel and shear strength over -60 to +205°C range. This 100% solids system, in addition to offering electrical insulation, is resistant to vibration, stress fatigue cracking, and chemicals. Product does not require any mixing and cures in 5 min to 2 hr depending on cure temperature. Areas of use include electronic, electrical, aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications.

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Can One Epoxy Adhesive Have It All?

The 50-3122, made by Epoxies, Etc., has everything you are looking for in an adhesive.


Stretch it, pound it, heat it or cool it-the 50-3122 can take it. The 50-3122 has a high peel and shear strength and maintains its strength under a wide temperature range (-60 to +205°C). It offers excellent electrical insulation and is highly resistant to impact, vibration and stress fatigue cracking. It is a 100% solids system which is also resistant to chemicals.

The 50-3122 is a one component epoxy, so no mixing is required. It cures in a fairly short period of time as well-5 minutes to 2 hours depending on cure temperature. It makes an excellent choice for electronic, electrical, aerospace, appliance, automotive, and industrial applications.

Another adhesive with this many desirable characteristics would be hard to find.

50-3122 Benefits:
· Convenient one component system
· High peel and shear strength
· Remains strong under wide temperature range
· Impact and shock resistant
· Excellent electrical insulator
· Chemically resistant

The 50-3122 is available in syringes, quarts, gallons and five-gallon pails.

Samples are available and may be requested from our website:

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