Ondrives Skive Hobbed Gears

Ondrives Ltd have added a range of skive cut gears to their popular precision spur gear range, available in their 2010-2011 gear products catalogue.

These skive hobbed gears are processed in a different way to standard cut gears being gearcut first, then hardened and then skived afterwards to produce a top quality gear tooth finish that is second to none, states Managing Director Ben Hinchliffe. "We are especially proud of our precision gear range", he continues, " but these skive hobbed gears are something different that we thought we should offer our customers in order to be competitive in the marketplace in terms of choice and variety of products offered".

They are available as standard in 0.5, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.25 Mod with teeth from 18 going up to 250. All are made in-house by Ondrives at their new and extensive CNC manufacturing facility so customers are assured of the best quality product for a reasonable price, states Sales Manager Barbara Fisher. "They are made to Quality Grade 6e DIN 3961/58405 (AGMA Q11) and we hope this reflects in the finished product", she continues.

Different bores, keyways, tapped holes, pin holes, etc are all available as optional extras where required.

Written by Amanda Laughton, Marketing Manager, Ondrives Ltd

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