On-Demand Water Heaters promote concrete production.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for ready-mix concrete plants, FIRESTORM(TM) raises temperature of water used to make concrete up to 180°F at flow rates from 20-300 gpm. It uses fully modulating, fired burner and exhibits thermal efficiency up to 99%. Controls are automated using PLC technology, and parts subject to corrosion are made from stainless steel. Offered in various sizes, heaters enable ready-mix plants to extend their working season.

Original Press Release:

Heatec Introduces New On-Demand Water Heaters for Production of Concrete

Ready-mix concrete plant owners will appreciate the fuel savings possible with the new heaters because of their high thermal efficiency

November 9, 2006: Heatec, Inc. has introduced a new line of heaters trademarked FIRESTORMTM. These heaters are designed specifically to heat water used to make concrete. The heaters have an extremely high thermal efficiency: up to 99 percent. They raise the temperature of mix water up to 180 degrees F at flow rates from 20 to 300 gpm depending on the size of the heater. Unwanted atmospheric emissions are almost non-existent.

Using heated water to make concrete enables ready-mix plants to extend their working season, which would otherwise be limited by cold weather.

The heater heats mix-water as it is used to make the concrete. Because it fully heats the water as it is pumped directly to mixing equipment, only limited water storage may be needed for unusual demands.

The heater uses a fired burner. The burner fires into the side of the heater shell (a vertical cylinder). Cold water is sprayed into the top of the shell and migrates downward through diffusion material. The water is heated by direct contact with the hot burner gasses as it flows to the bottom of the shell where it accumulates momentarily. It is pumped directly from the bottom of the shell to the concrete mixing equipment.

The shell and other parts of the heater that are subject to corrosion are made from stainless steel. Controls are automated using PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) technology. A fully modulating burner is used. The heater will be available in a variety of sizes.

The Firestorm line of heaters will have round-the-clock support by Heatec's in-house parts and service departments.

One of the new heaters will be on display next January at the World of Concrete Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Heatec will occupy booth N309 in the North Hall of the convention center.

Heatec also makes water storage tanks for the concrete industry. The tanks both heat and store the water. Heatec began operations in 1977 and is the leading manufacturer of heaters and storage tanks for the hot mix asphalt industry. The company also makes heating and storage equipment for the petro-chemical industry, the power generation industry, the roofing industry and others.

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