On-Board Battery Chargers offer simplified installation.

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Industrial battery chargers use molded locking detent plugs to snap into locking tabs on back of ConnectCharge(TM) inlets. Inlets are available with spring-loaded flip lids or PVC flaps. Mounting options include threaded inlet sleeve with lock washer and front mounting. Chargers are suitable for industrial vehicles, lawn/farm equipment, electric bicycles, electric generator-sets, pumping stations, and uninterruptible power systems.

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On-Board Battery Chargers Install 15 Times Faster with New Electrical Inlet

Guest® Industrial battery chargers are now available with the exclusive ConnectCharge(TM) inlets.

Compared to the traditional way of installing battery chargers into vehicles or portable equipment, ConnectCharge inlets greatly simplify and speed up the process.

Traditional installation requires the installer to cut off the charger's AC plug, purchase an inlet, and then strip and wire the AC cord to the inlet. Using its patent-pending molded locking detent, the ConnectCharge battery charger plug simply snaps into the locking tab on the back of the ConnectCharge inlet. No extra labor is necessary.

ConnectCharge inlets are available with either spring-loaded flip lids or PVC flaps. There are also two mounting options: a threaded inlet sleeve with lock washer, so installers can fasten the inlet from the interior side of a panel, or front mounting using screws fastened to the inlet's flange.

Guest Industrial battery chargers are appropriate for various industrial vehicles, lawn and farm equipment, electric bicycles, and other equipment requiring highly durable battery chargers that deliver precision charging.

Guest battery chargers can also be used for electric generator-sets, pumping stations, uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), control signal systems, and sump pump battery back-up systems. All Guest chargers have a full, 1-year warranty.

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