Omni-ID and C-Logistics Co-Develop UHF RFID Tags for the Oil and Gas Industry

Specialty Passive Tags Provide Real-Time Asset Tracking to Reduce Costs

Orlando, FL- Booth #530 - Omni-ID, the leading supplier of high-performance, passive UHF RFID tags, and Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO), C-Logistics Division, a leader in integrated supply chain management for oil and gas land and offshore assets operations and logistics, today announced a partnership that has developed the first two intrinsically safe, low-cost, long-range passive UHF RFID tags specifically for the oil and gas industry. The unique partnership and new tags, which replace the manual labor of tracking pipes, expensive rental equipment, and other assets, will be introduced during the 9th annual RFID Journal Live! Conference April 12-14 here in Orlando, FL.

The new Omni-ID® Solo is the only low-cost, long-range, durable passive UHF RFID tag for single use in the market. This specialty tag is designed for non-permanent or disposable assets that are part of the open-loop supply chain for both offshore rigs and land drilling fields. The Solo is ideally suited for infrequently used rental equipment tracked on a single trip through the supply chain. The new Omni-ID® Pipe is an impact resistant, limited life UHF RFID tag that accommodates a wide range of pipe diameters and is designed for the rigors of pipe and cylinder storage and transport. These tags provide customers with real-time information to make the distribution of equipment and supplies from docks, storage yards, and warehouses to oil and gas drilling operations more efficient. Omni-ID's single-use, passive UHF RFID tags can improve profitability by reducing the complexity of tracking assets and the time it takes to complete asset inventory. Both tags comply with the EPC Gen 2 standard for passive UHF RFID tags set by EPC Global and GS1, the worldwide standards organization.

"We've tried RFID tags from several companies and Omni-ID's technology stood out as the most reliable with the best read range," said Dane Vizier, C-Logistics' operations manager. "Tagging equipment specific to oil and gas exploration, such as tubular joints, and identifying needs, such as single use, presented challenges best solved with a partnership that blends our extensive industry knowledge and Omni-ID's technological expertise. One goal of our collaboration is to encourage the oil and gas industry to adopt UHF RFID as a vital component of their best business practices."

Several major C-Logistics' customers are piloting the use of Omni-ID Solo and Pipe tags, including Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.'s U.S.A. operations (Petrobras), global energy company Royal Dutch Shell, and NOV Tuboscope of Houston, TX.

C-Logistics is the exclusive distributor of Omni-ID UHF RFID tags for offshore logistics operations in the Oil and Gas industry in the Americas, including Brazil, and West African countries, including Nigeria and Ghana.

"Our partnership with C-Logistics ensures customers that a great deal of industry knowledge and expertise contributed to the development of these technologies so our tags perform superbly during storage and transportation regardless of the environmental rigors," said James Arnold, Omni-ID's chief executive officer.

About Edison Chouest Offshore, C-Logistics Division

Based in Louisiana, Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) is an industry leader in the offshore service vessel sector. Chouest owns and operates a diverse fleet of industry-leading vessels supporting multiple sectors of the marine industry. Its C-Logistics Division provides integrated logistics services to 10 major oil companies that expedite lines of supply by integrating its Triton proprietary Web-based software system and innovative port design with advanced technologies, such as Omni-ID's UHF RFID tags and Mojix's STAR system.

About Omni-ID

Omni-ID is the leading supplier of high performance, durable, passive UHF RFID solutions. Omni-ID's patent-pending technology enables a broad range of new applications to improve asset tracking, supply chain management and work-in-process. Omni-ID's family of versatile RFID tags works reliably in the harshest environments, including on, off, and near metal and liquids, and are the only passive RFID tags that operate equally well in all approved frequency bands worldwide. For more information, visit

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