Omega's 'Super' Probe Excels in High-Temperature Measurement

Manufacturing operations that involve extreme heat for long periods, wide fluctuations between high and low temperature, or corrosive atmospheres require sensors that can take abuse. Super OMEGACLAD® XL thermocouple probes from Omega Engineering are designed precisely for such demanding applications. Made with Omega's exclusive mineral-insulated cable and nickel-chrome sheathing, these competitively priced, corrosion-resistant probes measure high temperatures with superior long-term accuracy.

In tests conducted at Omega's state-of-the-art calibration lab, Super OMEGACLAD® XL probes far outlasted stainless steel and Inconel probes of equal diameter, yet stayed well within drift parameters, at a continuous temperature of 1,149°C (2,100°F). Under severe temperature cycling-between 1,000°C (1,832°F) and room temperature in 30 seconds or less-Super OMEGACLAD® XL also beat other probe brands handily.

The secret of this extraordinary performance in harsh conditions is a process, unique to Omega, that applies the corrosion-resistant Super OMEGACLAD® XL sheath to thermocouple cable insulated with magnesium oxide powder. The resulting probes can withstand extended exposure to temperatures up to 1,335°C (2,435°F) in combustion gases or in air. Thanks to the special sheath, drift is negligible. The sheath resists corrosion in chlorine-contaminated, oxidizing or ammonia-rich/nitride-rich environments.

The product of years of research and development, Super OMEGACLAD® XL probes are made with fully automated equipment from the highest-quality materials. During the manufacturing process, all probes undergo rigorous leak pressure and insulation resistance testing. Because these probes incorporate the best components and technological know-how, they offer bigger performance in a smaller package. Thus, a user could choose a smaller diameter for a given application than would be possible with a conventional probe. The smaller diameter Super OMEGACLAD® XL probe would be just as rugged, with the added benefit of a faster response time.

Super OMEGACLAD® XL probes come in thermocouple types K and N. Standard diameters range from 1/16 to 3/8 in. (1.5 to 9.5 mm); standard lengths are 6 and 12 in. (150 and 300 mm). Probes can be ordered with bare leads and in various styles, including quick disconnect, molded transition junction, utility handle and heavy duty. Made-to-order configurations are also available. Prices start at $38.

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