OLED Graphic Displays come in 2.0 and 2.26 in. sizes.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring built-in SSD1305 integrated circuit, OLED TAB Graphic Displays are suitable for any application using small size LCDs. Units feature ability to read and write data status as well as perform re-mapping on both segment and common outputs, which are then adjusted using software. Operating up to 50,000 hours at room temperature, 2.0 in. and 2.26 in. displays feature Vcc of 13 V and 11 V, with brightness of 80 nits and 150 nits, respectively.

Original Press Release:

2.0" and 2.26" OLEDs Graphic Display

Microtips Technology is excited to announce our new 2.0” of 128*32 and 2.26” of 132*32 OLED TAB Graphic displays.  These displays have a build in SSD1305 IC which has the outline dimensions areas of 59.0 x 186mm and 62.64 x 25.44 mm.  These OLEDs display modules make a great option for any application using small size LCDs.  When pull low both OLEDs has the ability to read and write data status. Along with GDDRAM, both displays can do re-mapping on both segment and common outputs which are then adjusted in software to ensure a better mechanical flexibility if needed to.  On the other hand, both OLEDs TAB Graphic displays has a ESD protection circuit built in, which connected between the VDD, VDDIO and Vcc, which lower Vcc to be lower.

We have many other options of OLEDs such as character, graphics; TAB type. Using wide selections of emitting colors, like yellow, this is most common, but has other features like, Blue, Green, Red, Amber, and White.  The supply voltage of the 2.26” OLED Graphic display has a Vcc of 11V comparing to a 13v of 2.0” when display is turn on.  On the other hand both Graphic OLED LCDs has an interface pin function that has a communicating Protocol Select, these pins are MCU interface selection input.  The average operating lifetime at room temperature is typically 50,000 Hrs with standard operation at brightness of 150nits, with 80nits for the 2.0” OLED Graphic Display.   Our prices are very competitive and unbeatable.

Link: http://www.microtipsusa.com

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