OKW Enclosures Releases DIN Rail Adaptors That Enable Small Plastic Enclosure to Mounted on a DIN Rail

Press Release Summary:

  • Offered in B6811751 and B1300017 models and are suitable for electronics applications such as automation, building and safety technology, HVAC and automatic timers
  • The B6811751 fits TH35, TH15 and G32 DIN rails and molded from PA 66 (UL 94 V-0)
  • The B1300017 model fits and used for IP 66 ROBUST-BOX and TOPTEC universal plastic enclosures

Original Press Release:

New DIN Rail Adaptors For Plastic Enclosures

OKW has launched two new adaptors that enable any small plastic enclosure to be mounted on a DIN rail – saving space and speeding up installations.

They are suitable for a huge range of electronics applications including automation; Industry 4.0/smart factory; building and safety technology; HVAC; automatic timers, sensors, relays and lighting control; sub-rack interfaces, electronics modules, amplifiers and transformers.

The new DIN RAIL ADAPTOR B6811751 is designed to fit TH35, TH15 and G32 DIN rails. It can be screwed to the back of the enclosure (wall thickness 3 mm) using two screws (supplied) and then located on the rail. The adaptor is molded from PA 66 (UL 94 V-0) in black (RAL 9005) as standard.

The second ADAPTOR (B1300017, off-white or B1300019, black) fits TH35 and G32 rails. It was designed for OKW’s IP 66 ROBUST-BOX and TOPTEC universal plastic enclosures but can be fitted to other OKW housings, notably the new EVOTEC designer table-top enclosures (shown in the picture).

The fastening element is supplied with two screws requiring ø 3 mm boreholes. It is molded from PA 6 in off-white and black as standard.

OKW offers a wide range of DIN rail enclosure accessories and options. They include an existing adapter (B6811542) which enables 18 DIN rail enclosures from the RAILTEC C range to be fitted to TH35, G32 and TH15 rails.

Customization services for plastic enclosures include: CNC machining; custom colors and finishes (lacquering); digital, screen or tampo printing of legends and logos; photo quality decor foils; RFI/EMI shielding; installation and assembly. 

Visit OKW’s new website for more information on the two new adapters: https://www.okwenclosures.com/en/Plastic-enclosures/Holding-devices.htm

Contact: Sean Bailey

Email: seanb@okwenclosures.com

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