OK International to Show MD&M / Electronics West Visitors How to Drive Productivity in Diverse Applications

OK International is preparing to take a wide range of innovative soldering and production assembly technologies to this year's MD&M West Show being held in Anaheim, CA over 10th - 12th February. Each system is designed to reduce training investment, perform a diverse array of applications and measurably increase productivity. OK International products on display at Booth 432 will include advanced soldering, desoldering and rework systems, programmable pre-heaters and a comprehensive range of dispensing technologies.

At the heart of the OK International booth will be the Metcal MX-5000 Soldering, Desoldering and Rework System, a high performance package for complex assembly challenges. Prioritizing high throughput and precision control, the easy-to-use MX-5000 combines increased power with SmartHeat® Technology to eliminate overshoot potential and maintain high productivity soldering and rework. Also incorporating a built-in digital power indication display, the MX-5000 enables continuous operator feedback for making consistent, quality solder joints.

The OK International team will also be showcasing its MFR Series of Multi-Function Rework Systems, the most flexible soldering series available today. Exclusively powered by the company's SmartHeat® Technology, the MFR Series' extremely responsive, repeatable and highly controlled heating capabilities make it ideal for a wide range of assembly challenges. Being demonstrated live on the booth, the economical and operator friendly MFR-1100 is the only single output system that utilizes both a soldering cartridge and tip. Appearing alongside it at MD&M West, the MFR-2200 Series features a dual output capability to allow the use of one or two hand-pieces simultaneously. As visitors to the show will discover, the MFR-1100 and MFR-2200 can be used together to create a tri-output system offering extreme flexibility for increased productivity across an even wider range of applications.

Dispensing will also be a major focus of the OK International booth, featuring the high performance DX-250 and DX-350 Digital Dispenser/Controllers. The DX-250 is an easy-to-use micro-air dispensing system, uniting affordability with accuracy and repeatability. Ideal for general dispensing challenges, the DX-250 enables diverse applications, ranging from the precision deposition of surface mount solder paste and adhesive, to semiconductor under-fill. The DX-350 is a microprocessor-driven, fully digital dispenser ensuring highly repeatable and precise fluid volume. Designed to dispense a wide range of fluid viscosities, the DX-350 also expertly controls variation in pneumatic dispense valves. The OK International dispensing display will be further enhanced by a comprehensive range of dispensing consumables.

Also being demonstrated live on the booth is the PCT-1000 programmable pre-heater, engineered to simultaneously lower soldering and rework temperatures and improve process efficiency. Equipped with the PCT-1000, users can deliver more heat to difficult boards while maintaining very high levels of thermal control; a unique capacity that makes the new system ideal for an extensive range of applications. Fast temperature ramp up enables manufacturers to maximize productivity, while state-of-the-art ergonomics and usability minimize training requirements for even inexperienced operators.

Featuring all this and more, visit OK International Booth #432 at MD&M West to see these technologies in action. To book an appointment, to discuss your requirements in detail with an OK International representative, please contact Shill@okinternational.com

About OK International

OK International is a leading global supplier of products for production assembly equipment. The product range includes bench top soldering and desoldering tools, array package rework equipment, fluid dispensing systems and accessories, and fume extraction systems.

OK International is committed to understanding the product needs of its customers and supplies professional grade products that are innovative, reliable, price competitive and easy to use. Through a global sales channel, OK International provides expert product support and responsive customer service, with localization to meet regional market needs.

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