Oil Spill Recovery Operations Use Edson's 2500 Series Electric Double Diaphragm Pumps to Clean up the Mess

Edson Electric Double Diaphragm Pumps get the transfer jobs done, remediating sites contaminated with Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPL), such as fuel oil. They suck the contaminated water from skimmers in open ponds or draw the oil laden groundwater from remediation wells and transfer it to containment tanks or process systems, such as oil water separators.

Edson's Model 2500 Series Electric Double Diaphragm Pumps combine the features of high vacuum, 23”HG, with an almost zero emulsifying pumping action, keeping the naturally separated product from recombining with the groundwater during the transfer. This improves the performance of separators and reduces the process time.

The 2500 Series Electric Pumps work in both mobile or fixed installation, and come with electric, hydraulic, or gasoline powered drives. The electric models are available to meet any electrical specification, including hazardous duty standards. The Model 25200 Electric Double Diaphragm Pump comes with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) installed. The VFD’s operating features include volume and level sensor controls not found in standard electric diaphragm pumps. These ruggedly built pumps are made of glass filed polypropylene, 316 stainless hardware and reinforced Viton* diaphragms. They have no problem pumping almost all corrosive hydrocarbons.

Luke Fabbri of Geological Field Services expects to recover some 40,000 gallons of fuel oil that has permeated the soil under a two and a half acre equipment maintenance yard. He is recovering the fuel oil from remediation wells and from three oil skimmers floating in open trenches cut into the water table. Using just one Edson Model 25200 Electric Double Diaphragm Pump connected to the three skimmers, he can collect and transfer all the contaminated groundwater from the skimmers.

As the oil leaches from the soil into the trenches, the pump draws the fuel oil to the skimmers and discharges it into a very large oil water separator that holds 1200 gallons of separated product. After separation, the water is retuned to the pit and the separated fuel oil is pumped to a 2000 gallon holding tank for periodic removal by a hazardous waste disposal company.

“I needed a pump that could operate without a compressor, suck from three oil skimmers at the same time, and operate 24/7 unattended. It had to be able to run dry, self prime, and handle corrosive and coagulated waste oil liquid. The Edson Model 25200 met all these requirements and we are very pleased with its performance.”

The Edson 2500 Series pumps are being used in a variety of similar applications. Examples include an oil spill response system for a utility company in Texas, a sump pump to transfer oily water to separators from wash-down operations in maintenance garages, and collection pumps, both fixed and portable, collecting grease, oils, and other waste liquids from storage drums.

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