Oil Purification System suits aggressive applications.

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Utilizing Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA(TM)) technology, HR-Series removes and prevents sludge and varnish buildup on critical machinery internals while purifying lubricating and hydraulic fluids. PLC control and display monitors fluid temperature, pressure, flow, and total volume; indicates filter capacity and required change-out; and provides auto shutdown for specific conditions. With 20 gpm flow-rate, system is effective on soft and hard particles.

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Machinery Cleaning with ISOPur HR-Series

Varnish Removal and Oil Purification for Heavy Industrial Applications

Rocky Hill, CT - The ISOPur Fluid Technologies, Inc. has recently completed development of the HR-Series oil purification system utilizing the patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA(TM)) technology. The HR-Series system is specifically designed to remove and prevent sludge and varnish buildup on critical machinery internals while ultra-purifying lubricating and hydraulic fluids to unprecedented levels. The system has a flow-rate of 20 gallons per minute to purify fluids nearly 4 times better than the competition.

Sub-micron particles are accepted as being the root cause of varnish and sludge buildup on machinery internals and account for up to 80% by weight of overall fluid contamination. ISOPur's BCA(TM) technology can reduce submicron contamination levels within lubricating and hydraulic fluid by up to 95%. This equates to as much as a 20 time improvement in fluid quality. ISOPur's BCA(TM) technology is also equally effective on both "soft" and "hard" particles, minimizing the level of adhesive particles that are proven to create varnish and sludge build-up. Over time, the BCA(TM) technology has been proven to clean varnish and sludge from machinery internals, extending service and asset life.

The HR-Series is designed specifically for aggressive applications where there is a high level of contamination ingress, as well as for larger reservoir applications.

The HR-Series system is equipped with PLC control and display, providing the following additional benefits:

o Optimized flow rate to changing fluid conditions

o Monitors fluid temperature, pressure, flow and total volume

o Indicates filter capacity and required change-out

o Provides auto shutdown for specific conditions

"Servo valves and bearings are vital to machine performance and are often the sources of failure in critical machinery, resulting in costly equipment downtime, higher repair and maintenance costs, and lost production", explained Gerald L. (Gerry) Munson, BCA(TM) inventor and Chief Technology Officer for ISOPur Fluid Technologies.

"When sub-micron particles within the lubricating fluid get trapped in the extremely small clearances between the valves, the particles act like an adhesive. Often times, this adhesive causes the servo valves to stick and fail. The ultimate result is a sharp and costly halt in production. The backbone of the BCA(TM) technology is the ability to remove sludge and varnish," says the inventor.

See how the system works: ISOPur flash demonstration.

ISOPur's patented BCA(TM) technology works by passing the fluid over a series of electrodes that apply a negative and positive charge to particles in equal amounts, with the net charge being balanced. As charged particles interact within the fluid, they attract and grow in size making for easy removal by the filters on the system. ISOPur accomplishes this level of ultra-fine purification while maintaining fluid lubricity without affecting additives. The ISOPur system will also operate in the presence of water. Water is a significant problem with other technologies like "electro-static precipitation" which when exposed to small concentrations of water will be rendered inoperable and require a high cost cartridge cell replacement.

BCA(TM) restores a balanced charge in the fluid, blocking particle attraction and eliminating the fundamental cause of sludge and varnish formation. Because of the balanced charge, BCA(TM) actually "pulls" sticky sludge and varnish off the internals of machine valves, bearings, and other critical components.

"Plant management and operators no longer have to be concerned about small particles or worry about internal deposits, rust and corrosion, or chemical flushing. Servo valve sticking issues are eliminated. What's more, they will find that ISOPur's technology keeps fluids like new, year after year without replacement," said Munson.

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