Oil Purification System offers flow rates from 600-1,000 gph.

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Series I-600, with tank sizes up to 5,000 gal, features Balanced Charge Purification technology, which purifies hydraulic and lubricating oil to sub-micron level. BCP eliminates adhesive or hard particles that create varnish and sludge that can build up in servo valves, control valves, bearings, metering orifices, regulators, and seals. I-600 system transforms lubricating oil into asset that can be used again and again without replacement.

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ISOPur Introduces I-600 Series Breakthrough Oil Purification System for General Manufacturing

Ideal for mission-critical equipment requiring hydraulic fluids and lubricating and machining oils

Rocky Hill, CT - The ISOPur I-600 Series is a breakthrough oil purification system from ISOPur Fluid Technologies, an innovator in industrial fluid cleaning technology adopted by a number of
Fortune 500 companies. The I-600 is designed for manufacturing and production equipment with flow-rates ranging from 600 to 1000 gallons per hour and tank sizes up to 5000 gallons.

ISOPur's patented industrial fluid purification systems feature a new technology known as Balanced Charge Purification(TM) (BCP). This technology purifies hydraulic and lubricating oil to the sub-micron level, an order of magnitude improvement over conventional filtration systems. By purifying down to the sub-micron level, BCP eliminates the adhesive or hard particles that create varnish and sludge that build up in servo valves, control valves, bearings, metering orifices, regulators, and seals. This in turn protects mission-critical industrial equipment, reducing plant downtime and maintenance costs.

BCP removes contamination from any non-conducting fluid. In addition to hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, BCP has also been proven effective on cutting/machining oils, phosphate esters,
and vegetable oil. BCP removes contaminants of many varieties, including sub-micron particles, products of oxidation, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and bacteria. Industries that benefit from this technology include general manufacturing, power generation, pulp and paper, plastic extrusion, primary metals, and food processing.

"Servo valves and bearings are vital to machine performance and are often the souirres of failure in critical machinery, resulting in costly equipment downtime, higher repair and maintenance costs, and lost production. These valves, for example, control the hydraulic oil pressure in CNC and robotic equipment. When sub-micron particles within the lubricating fluid
get trapped in the extremely small clearances between the valves, the particles act like an adhesive, causing the servo valves to stick and often fail, bringing production to a sharp and costly halt," explained Gerald L. (Gerry) Munson, Chief Technology Officer for ISOPur Fluid Technologies. "The more precision the machine, the smaller the clearances on critical roller and journal bearings. These bearings have tiny sub-micron clearances and are notorious for contamination and are a constant source of downtime and maintenance costs."

"Importantly, the I-600 system transforms lubricating oil into a capital asset that can be used again and again without replacement rather than a commodity and a liability to be used and disposed of," said Munson.

"In field tests at power plants and paper mills, the I-600 system is delivering substantial improvement in oil quality and is the only real servo and bearing contamination solution" said

How the system works:
ISOPur's patented BCP technology works by passing contaminated fluid over a series of electrodes that carefully charge particles, both positive and negative, until the net charge is
balanced. As charged particles mix, they attract and grow in size, making for easy removal with filter cartridges. BCP is a revolutionary technology within the purification industry because of its effectiveness on sub-micron particles that would otherwise pass freely through premium filters. BCP accomplishes this level of ultra-fine purification while maintaining fluid lubricity and water content without affecting additives.

BCP also "pulls" sticky sludge and varnish off the internals of machine valves, bearings, shafts, and other critical parts, enabling equipment to operate more efficiently and reliably.
Conventional filters impart a net static charge on particles, causing them to attract to internal surfaces and initiating the process of varnish formation. BCP restores a balanced charge in the fluid, blocking particle attraction and eliminating the fundamental cause of sludge and varnish formation.

"Manufacturers and processors no longer have to be concerned about cleaning particles as small as 0.1 microns, or worry about internal deposits, rust and corrosion, and cleaning and replacing filters. What's more, they will find that ISOPur's BCP technology keeps hydraulic fluids and lubricating and machining oils like new, year after year, without replacement," said

For additional information about the 1-600 and other ISOPur patented industrial fluid cleaning technology solutions visit www.isopurfluid.com, call toll-free at (888) 270-9889, or email
info@isopurfluid.com. ISOPur is headquartered at 70 Inwood Road, Rocky Hill, CT 06067.

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