Oil Pipe Cleaning System is trailer-mounted for on-site use.

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Drill Pipe Enviro-Cleaner(TM) cleans drill pipe, cables, and down hole tools as they are removed from well, allowing mud and oil removed from pipe to fall back into well, not onto soil. Trailered system provides 320°F water pressurized at 250 psi to steam collar, which is mounted in-line above blow-out preventer between 2 API flanges. As drill pipe is extracted from well, it passes through collar where it is instantly cleaned. Collars are available in stainless and anodized carbon steel.

Original Press Release:

Sioux Introduces New Drill Pipe Enviro-Cleaner(TM) (Patent Pending)

Sioux Corporation introduces its Drill Pipe Enviro-Cleaner(TM) (DPEC(TM)). This system cleans drill pipe, cables, and down hole tools instantly and effectively as they are removed from the well. Users will avoid costly fines because the mud and oil removed from the drill pipe falls back into the well, not onto the soil. The DPEC(TM) will save time, labor and expense to transport pipe to other locations for cleaning; the drill pipe can be inspected on site because all contaminants will have been removed. The DPEC(TM) also offers safety benefits by eliminating the process of handling pipe that is covered in mud and oil.

Sioux's patent-pending cleaning process consists of a trailer-mounted system and a steam collar. The DPEC(TM) trailer system provides hot pressurized water to the collar, which is mounted in-line above the blow-out preventer between two flanges. The unit produces 320°F (160°C) pressurized water at 250 PSI (17.2 BAR) prior to exiting the collar nozzles. At the collar nozzles, the water flashes to steam for optimum cleaning power. As the drill pipe is extracted from the well, it passes through the collar, where it is instantly cleaned, and all residue and contaminants fall back into the well. By doing so, hauling contaminants off-site for cleaning is avoided.

Sioux also supplies 100% all-electric explosion-proof equipment for DPEC(TM) use in hazardous locations. Collars are available in various sizes for placement between API flanges. Collar material options include stainless steel and anodized carbon steel. Consult a Sioux representative to determine which options you need for your specific application.

Sioux Corporation is the leading designer and manufacturer of application-specific, industrial cleaning equipment, specialty water heaters, steam generators and related custom equipment. Sioux has the right piece of equipment for a wide range of applications.

For more information on Sioux's products please call 888-763-8833 or 605-763-3333, or visit the Sioux Corporation website at www.sioux.com.

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