Oil Filtration System works with high-viscosity fluids.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for industrial filtration, portable Gear and Lube Oil Filtration System offers 4 gpm flow capacity and max viscosity capability of 10,000 SUS @ 100°F. Differential pressure gauges indicate when each filtration element needs to be changed, and 2 sampling ports are included for safely sampling and monitoring oil condition. Featuring multi-stage filtration process, product comes in two versions: Hand-Held System and Portable Cart System.

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Higher Filtration Performance for Higher Viscosity Fluids

Portable Gear and Lube Oil Filtration System from Trico fills major void

Pewaukee, WI -Trico is introducing the Gear and Lube Oil Filtration System. Designed specifically for filtering higher viscosity fluids, the latest product release for industrial filtration features a substantial 4 GPM flow capacity and a maximum viscosity capability of 10,000 SUS @ 100o F, making it one of the most versatile portable systems in the industry today.

Trico's new filtration system is specifically designed to accommodate high viscosity fluids. This means the system can process these high viscosity fluids with much greater efficiency than traditional hydraulic filter systems were ever capable. Hydraulic filter systems typically, because of higher pressures involved with higher viscosities, would operate in a "bypass" mode, actually filtering very little of the fluid. So, it's easy to see how the design and capability of Trico's Filtration Systems equates into considerable improvements in gearbox oil performance and equipment lifespan. Its high flow rate also means dramatically reduced time spent filtering and servicing fluids.

Higher flow rates and an ability to handle higher viscosity fluids are not the only advantages to Trico's new filtration system. To ensure equipment receives the cleanest oil possible for increased life, the system utilizes a multi-stage filtration process.

For added utility, the new filtration system features differential pressure gauges that indicate when each of the filtration elements need to be changed. Two sampling ports are included as well for safely sampling and monitoring the condition of the oil.

The system is available in two models - A Hand-Held System and a Portable Cart System. The Hand-Held system is perfect for routine filtering and sampling of remote area pieces of equipment. The Portable Cart System is ideal for servicing multiple pieces of equipment throughout the plant. The Portable Cart System includes a bypass valve for removing used oil, and a convenient drip pan for keeping the work area clean during use.

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