Oil Content Anlayzer features 0-200 mg/l dynamic range.

Press Release Summary:

With warm-up time of less than 30 min, self-diagnostic OCMA-310 assesses amount of trace hydrocarbons in soil or water and also checks for residual hydrocarbons on pre-cleaned products. Extraction of oil can be done by Freon 113 or S-316, and used volumes of latter may be recycled by HORIBA's optional solvent reclaimer. Pyro-electric sensor gives full dynamic range from 0-200 mg/L, and manual control via extraction/drainage valve system ensures sample is measured properly.

Original Press Release:

OCMA-310 Oil Content Analyzer

The new OCMA-310 Oil Content Analyzer can assess the amount of trace hydrocarbons in soil or water, as well as check for residual hydrocarbons on pre-cleaned products. The extraction of the oil can be done by Freon 113 and S-316. The S-316 solvent used by the unit may be recycled by HORIBA's optional solvent reclaimer, making the OCMA-310 very environmentally-friendly. Furthermore, the OCCMA-310 is quick, easy to use and accurate and reliable.

Manual control
The two valve system lets you make sure that your sample is measured properly. Inspect your sample and press the extract button to initiate making and separation. You can visually confirm mixing and separation through the sample window. Open the upper valve (extraction valve), and the sample will flow into the measuring cell. An oil/water separation filter prevents water from entering the cell. An overflow system discharges any excess sample. The lower valve (drainage valve0 allows you to drain the sample after it has been measured.

0-200 mg/l dynamic range
The OCMA-310's pyro-electric sensor gives you a full dynamic range from 0-200 mg/L. This eliminates the need for range-switching and provides fast, accurate measurements for all types of samples, regardless of concentration levels.

Quick start-up
The OCMA-310 warms up in less than 30 minutes, enabling you to get started quickly.

No optical adjustments
The troublesome optical adjustments commonly required by conventional pneumatic NDIR analyzers are no longer necessary.

Auto hold function
The unit's internal computer automatically determines when the measured value has stabilized and maintains that value on the display.

The OCMA-310 monitors itself for problems such as motor malfunction, deterioration of the measuring cell's light source, and electrical trouble. Should anything out of the ordinary occur, an alarm light will turn on, and an appropriate error message will appear on the operation display panel.

Oil/water separation filter
The OCMA-310 is equipped with an oil/water separation filter which prevents water and dirt from entering the measuring cell. This prevents the cell from being damaged, while insuring that the sample being measured is not contaminated.

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