Oil Cleaning System features NEMA 4 rating.

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Suited for extreme outdoor environments, Model N100 works electrostatically to purge oil of contaminants while eliminating need for mechanical filters. It draws oil from main reservoir and circulates it at very low velocity, removing submicron particles as well as large contaminants from hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. Operating on 115 V from central control board, unit features filtering volume of 10,100 gal and flow rate of 5.5 gpm.

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KLEENTEK Introduces High-Capacity Varnish Removal System

The N100 will be flagship of a dramatically enhanced line of electrostatic oil cleaners; new models will have NEMA 4 rating for use in extreme environments

CINCINNATI, OH -March 7, 2005 - UAS-Kleentek announces the launch of the model N100, its largest-ever oil cleaning and hydraulic equipment improvement system. The N100, along with most of the KLEENTEK systems, will have a NEMA 4 rating, allowing it to be used in extreme outdoor environments.

The KLEENTEK product line is an industry-leading, technologically advanced oil cleaning system that works electrostatically to purge oil of contaminants. KLEENTEK systems are used in the automotive assembly, injection molding, maritime and chemical refining industries, among others.

The N100 was designed for applications requiring large reservoirs, such as paper production, power generation and steel processing. The N100 will have a filtering volume of 10,100 gallons, double the capacity of current systems and will run on standard 115V from a central control board. The N100 provides a flow rate of 5.5 GPM (gallons per minute), double the volume of the previous maximum rate of flow.

"We listened to our customers," said Doug Muennich, KLEENTEK product manager. "The N100 was developed in response to their requests and their needs. Technologically, there is nothing like this system being offered anywhere else."

The launch of the N100 comes at the same time KLEENTEK is dramatically enhancing its entire line of oil cleaning and hydraulic equipment improvement systems. Most of the new models will have a NEMA 4 rating (National Electrical Manufacturer's Association) that allows the product to be used outdoors and in harsh environments, including rain, high humidity and extreme temperatures. The new, NEMA rated N50 will replace the old R50, and the new N25 will replace the old R25.

As hydraulic equipment runs, a chemical process called oxidation occurs, forming tar, varnish or sludge. These sticky substances adhere to component surfaces causing "stick and slip" and additional wear on metal surfaces within lubricating systems. These products of oil oxidation coat the hydraulic servo, proportional and cartridge valves, forcing the friction in these valves to increase. Unfortunately, the change in friction in these highly sensitive, close tolerance components causes unwanted effects, including loss of control stability, constant valve adjustment, reduced machine performance, erratic cycle times, increased downtime and slow startups.

KLEENTEK systems use the principles of electrostatics to collect and remove fluid contaminants while eliminating the need for mechanical filters. KLEENTEK units draw oil from a main reservoir and circulate it at a very low velocity, continually removing contaminants from hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. These contaminants are trapped on cellulose collector inside a stainless steel chamber where they are collected and easily disposed. Each collector is made of disposable cellular fiber and is specially pleated to hold as much as 10 pounds of contaminants. Depending upon the application, a collector will furnish 2,000 to 10,000 hours of use before a replacement collector is required.

Traditional mechanical filters remove only larger particles, while KLEENTEK electrostatic systems are independent of particle size- allowing submicronic particles (.01 micron and below) as well as large contaminants to be removed from any non-conductive oil. Only insoluble oil contaminants are extracted; soluble additives present in the oil are not affected. Because this system is so effective in maintaining the cleanliness level of oil, KLEENTEK eliminates the need for repeated oil changes and system downtime while operating without supervision.

The benefits include increased production, improved quality, reduced downtime, less material waste, less maintenance and reduced equipment wear.

Additional features standard on the N100:
o A programmable logic controller (PLC) that allows the system to be tied into customer's existing systems, such as an Ethernet.
o Stainless steel tanks for superior corrosion resistance.
o Ease of installation. As with all KLEENTEK systems, installation is simple because of the single inlet and discharge utilizing ¾" NPT.

KLEENTEK offers four models to meet the needs of virtually any hydraulic or oil lubricating application. In addition to the N100:
o The N50 filters up to 5,050 gallons of oil at 2.8 GPM.
o The N25 filters up to 2,550 gallons of oil at 1.5 GPM.
o The R10 filters up to 1,050 gallons of oil at 0.5 GPM.

(All but the R10 are NEMA 4 rated.)

All models are currently available through KLEENTEK's experienced network of manufacturer representatives and distributors. For more information on KLEENTEK and a complete list of representatives and distributors, visit the KLEENTEK web site at www.KLEENTEK.com.

For more than 25 years, UAS-KLEENTEK has offered innovative and technologically advanced solutions for oil cleaning and hydraulic system improvement in a wide range of industrial environments and applications. KLEENTEK is manufactured and distributed by United Air Specialists, Inc.; a CLARCOR company.

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