Offers Excellent Protection Against Would-Be Attackers

STI announces the Mugger Stopper® Plus, a great personal protection alarm. This device helps fend off muggers with its 9 VDC battery operated alarm and attention-evoking strobe light.

The Mugger Stopper Plus (12005) helps stop mugger attacks or harassment in two ways: with an ear piercing alarm and with a strobe light. This two-way action also makes it effective in summoning aid in case of an injury or fall. The built-in light can also be used as a flashlight to help find keys or a keyhole on those dark, moonless nights.

To activate the Mugger Stopper Plus alarm and strobe light, simply pull out the cord attached to the pin on top of the unit. To use as a flashlight, slide the button on the side of the unit up.

Compact, lightweight design allows the Mugger Stopper Plus to be stored in a pocket or purse. With the provided belt clip, it can also be worn on a hip or belt buckle to resemble a pager or cell phone. It's shock resistant and comes with a one year warranty.

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