OFDM Broadband Radio Modules span 335-960 MHz range.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring software-programmed frequency-translation technology, Nexus Prism Modules give OEMs access to licensed industrial, military, and TV white space spectrums. Embedded units deliver up to 1,000 mW transmit power and feature advanced filtering techniques for in-band interference immunity. High receive sensitivity enables optimized range in obstacle-rich environments and offers near line of sight capability. Operating from -40 to +85°C, modules support 20 Mbps TCP/IP actual data throughput.

Original Press Release:

Doodle Labs Announces Nexus Prism: OFDM Broadband Radio Platform for Sub-GHz Bands

Singapore - Doodle Labs announces the launch of its Nexus Prism platform of high performance, embedded broadband radio modules that collectively span the 335 MHz to 960 MHz range. The Nexus Prism is a software-programmed frequency-translation technology that enables OEMs access to licensed Industrial, Military, and TV White Space spectrums.

Ashish Parikh, VP of Business Development in North America, commented, "With the launch of the Nexus Prism platform, Doodle Labs has a broadband radio module offering at nearly every frequency from sub-GHz up to 6 GHz. OEMs operating in licensed band spectrums now have a higher performing broadband solution than what is currently out in the market. Furthermore, we're excited to be first-movers to address the TV White Space spectrum opening up."

Doodle Labs radios are designed to deliver high performance in long-range outdoor applications. Nexus Prism modules feature advanced filtering techniques that lead to the industry's highest in-band interference immunity. In addition, the modules deliver up to 1000 mW (30 dBm) transmit power, which allows for greater distance and throughput than the closest competitors. High receive sensitivity enables improved range in obstacle-rich environments and offers near line of sight capability.

Mr. Parikh added, "The Nexus Prism platform of cards is particularly well suited for OEMs engaging in the defense and industrial spaces." The 20 Mbps TCP/IP actual data throughput combined with the high transmit power enable a new set of video surveillance and manpack devices operating at distances up to 20-25 miles. In addition, the Industrial/MIL-spec design (-40C ~ +85C) and enhanced resilience to RF surges and ESD make the radio ideal for deployment in harsh environments.

Please visit doodlelabs.com/products-and-services.html for further information. Nexus Prism modules are currently available in limited quantities with strategic partners, and will be available for general orders in about 6 weeks.

Doodle Labs' radio module suite:
Frequency Range                  Application                        Model Number
350 - 470 MHz Federal Government, Military, TV White Space DLM 119
470 - 520 MHz DLM 120
510 - 610 MHz DLM 121
600 - 700 MHz DLM 122
690 - 810 MHz DLM 114
790 - 890 MHz DLM 115
890 - 960 MHz DLM 116
902 - 928 MHz ISM DLM 108
2.4 GHz 1 802.11 b/g DLM 107
2.4 GHz DLM 106
4.4 - 5.0 GHz NATO / Military DLM 125
4.8 - 5.0 GHz 1,2 Public Safety DLM 110
4.9 GHz DLM 111
5.7 - 5.9 GHz ISM UNI-III; Vehicles (ITS) DLM 117
5.1 - 5.9 GHz 1,2 802.11 a DLM 103
5.1 - 5.9 GHz DLM 105

1 - RJ45/RS232 interface; all others mini-PCI

2 - Lower transmit power (25 dBm)

About Doodle Labs -

Doodle Labs is a wireless technology development company that focuses on the design and manufacturing of high-performance, Industrial/Military-grade wireless IP radio modules and systems. Doodle LabsÕ products help OEMs to leverage cost-effective wireless broadband technology to enable cutting-edge applications. Doodle Labs is a privately held company with headquarters in Singapore and offices in California, USA and India.

For additional information, please send an email to enquiries@doodlelabs.com.

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Doodle Labs USA

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