OEP Offers RoHS Compliant Variable Capacitors

Edgerton, Ohio -- December 6, 2006 -- Oren Elliott Products, Inc., a world leader in the manufacture of air-dielectric variable capacitors, has announced full compliance with all RoHS regulations in all product lines, including all variable capacitors.

Long offered as an option, this RoHS compliance will now be built into every capacitor sold by OEP, enabling OEP's customers to export their matching networks and RF subsystems that use OEP's capacitors worldwide. In many cases, the design and material changes that have allowed this transition have been the result of recent technological advances, and have actually improved performance and reliability of OEP's capacitors.

Based on a very old and fundamental design, Oren Elliott Products' variable capacitors consist of two banks of meshing plates, separated by an air gap. As the moveable bank is rotated, capacitance increases and decreases. This design has several advantages, including almost instantaneous tuning of the capacitor, enabling the user to tune from minimum capacitance to maximum capacitance with just one-half rotation of the shaft; robust high-power performance, with a dielectric that's actually self-repairing (after an arc, new air simply flows into the air gap); and unsurpassed performance in high-power radio frequency applications.

This basic design has been around since the early days of radio, but Oren Elliott Products has continuously improved the design and manufacture of these capacitors through the use of the latest materials and the most sophisticated CNC machine tools. OEP Machining, a subsidiary of Oren Elliott Products, is a world-class ISO9001:2000 registered CNC machine shop, with several Tsugami CNC swiss screw machines with live tooling, supplying Oren Elliott Products with economical, high-precision, complex machined parts. More information on OEP Machining, including case studies highlighting their capabilities, can be found at www.oepmachining.com

For more information on Oren Elliott Products, Inc. capacitors, visit www.orenelliottproducts.com, or contact the company at:

Oren Elliott Products, Inc.
email: oep@bright.net
phone: 419-298-2306
URL: www.orenelliottproducts.com

Contact Name: Steven Elliott
Title: Plant One Manager
E-mail: oep@bright.net

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