OEM Flow Switches withstand high temperatures.

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Series M180 provides air, gas, or liquid flow sensing and switching with no drift under operating conditions to 450°F. Switches are sealed, with no orifices to plug or foul. Two platinum RTD sensors are mounted in miniature thermowells, which are sealed to avoid contamination by process fluid. Series M180 is suited for control loops and protection circuitry within analyzers, compressors, fans, fuel systems, HVAC systems, machinery, motors, and pumps.

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New FCI M180 OEM Flow Switches Beat the Heat for Plant Equipment Designs

Ideal For Control Loops and Protection Circuitry Within Analyzers, Compressors, Fans, Fuel Systems, Gear Drives, HVAC Systems, Machinery, Motors, Pumps and More

San Marcos, CA-July 26, 2004--Developed for design-in OEM component installation within equipment or machinery, the new compact M180 Flow Switch Series from Fluid Components International offers precision air, gas or liquid flow sensing and switching with no drift over a wide flow range under high temperature operating conditions up to 450°F (232°C)

Manufacturers of plant equipment, such as analyzers, compressors, HVAC, motors, mechanized assembly lines, pumps and more, often find the performance of their equipment is compromised due to widely varying plant conditions. High temperatures, dirty media and ambient environments, corrosive fluids and small line sizes with minimal pressure are all common plant conditions. Such conditions often greatly degrade equipment and machinery performance, which increases maintenance requirements and shortens the equipment's operating life.

With its no-moving parts thermal mass flow sensor technology and rugged construction, design engineers can specify the M180 OEM Flow Switch with confidence to beat the heat of harsh plant environments. These versatile flow switches also are sealed, with no orifices to plug or foul for long, dependable operation in the dirtiest of media and plant conditions. They are ideal for use in equipment and machinery where survivability, low maintenance, long-life and lowest total cost are primary design objectives.

The new M180 OEM Flow Switches' superior flow sensing accuracy improves equipment and machinery controls, while at the same time supporting critical protection circuitry. Suitable for air, gases or liquids, typical applications include the monitoring of engine fuel flow or cooling system fluid flow; lubricant levels in motors and machinery; seal leak detection in gear drives, pumps or motor drive shafts; analyzer flow verification; and flow switching for the protection of pumps, compressors and fans.

Unlike mechanical rotary, float or orifice plate sensors that frequently breakdown or clog, the M180 Switches offer a minimally invasive sensor design that is virtually maintenance free. Their two highly stable platinum RTD sensors are mounted in miniature thermowells, which are fully sealed to avoid contamination by the process fluid. With a mean time between failure (MTBF) rating calculated to exceed 60,000 hours of service, the M180 Switches deliver unmatched reliability and long-life that will minimize maintenance costs and increase customer satisfaction.

The M180 Switches' miniature sensor design ensures both fast-response and superior repeatability under all process conditions. Hastelloy C22 sensor tips with CPVC and other wetted materials are available as options. Additionally, because there is minimal pressure drop, the M180 Switches will reduce costs and increase equipment efficiency by not having to boost line pressure to achieve needed flow rates.

o Over 10 different M180 Switch standard designs are available, and FCI can create custom designs to any OEM specifications. FCI will engineer custom flow or level sensors to meet requirements for all process media, line size, installation environment, temperature, pressure, calibration and output signals. Various sensor designs comply with industry standards, including UL, CE, FM, ATEX, CSA and more. FCI is a registered and certified ISO9001 manufacturer.

FCI maintains a world-class, NIST traceable flow calibration facility that provides total accuracy and performance assurance for its products. The laboratory supports design validation testing as well as calibration of production products for virtually all gas and liquid media in pipe sizes from 0.25 to 36 inches. The systems accommodate flow rates from 0.01 to 3700 SCFM (0.02 to 6300 NCMH) over various pressures from 0 to 1000 psig (0 to 69 bar) and temperature conditions from -50 to 1000ºF (-46 to 538ºC).

Fluid Components International is a global company committed to meeting the needs of its customers through innovative solutions to the most challenging requirements for sensing, measuring and controlling air, gas, liquid, flow, level and temperature.

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