OCS Granted Patent Enabling Customer-Controllable, Transparent Networks

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 17 - Optimum Communications Services, Inc. (OCS) has been awarded a patent on its innovation enabling customer-controllable data routing across service provider networks among the customer sites, such as branch offices, headquarters, data centers and Internet access points. This landmark patent on the transparent, route-table-free packet forwarding mechanism of OCS' Intelligent Transport Network(TM) (ITN) can be found with its US Patent Number 7,254,138 via patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/PTO/search-bool.html.

Unlike conventional packet-switching networks (e.g. IP, Ethernet), OCS' ITN, enabled by its patented routing, switching and forwarding table free packet forwarding method, provides fully packet-layer transparent connectivity between the customer's enterprise/edge routers, with packet forwarding among the customer routers controllable directly via the packet forwarding identifiers (e.g. MPLS Labels) inserted into the packets by the customer routers.

Combined with other innovative features of ITN, including its realtime data load driven network data throughput maximization techniques, the patented edge-controllable packet forwarding mechanism of ITN allows customers to obtain secure, high-performance network connectivity at maximized cost-efficiency. ITN thus provides corporate, service provider etc. multi-sited customers dedicated private network like deterministic performance and security, however with improved service flexibility (e.g. regarding future network connectivity requirements), and without the need for the customer to spend capital on building or operating its own private backbone network.

The innovative features of OCS' ITN, including the transparent, customer-controllable packet forwarding method and its realtime self-optimizing Adaptive-Mesh architecture, are tested to work with a physical test network comprising five ITN nodes and a third party tester emulating customer MPLS routers.

Adaptive-Mesh test network with five ITN nodes and MPLS router tester. Customer benefits of the unique route-table-free packet forwarding method of ITN include substantial capital and operating expense savings, as well as significant operational efficiency improvements. Specifically, customers of ITN services can avoid the capital and overhead costs of building and operating their own backbone networks, while getting private network like direct control and security, along with deterministic, realtime optimized network performance. Additionally, the administration-free ITN service allows a customer to focus on its most value adding business activities, while the self-operating ITN service supports the customer's business by providing transparent network connectivity with built-in security, reliability and optimized cost-efficiency.

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Optimum Communications Services, Inc. (OCS) is a wholesale network service provider using its patented ITN service delivery platform to provide cost-efficient multi-protocol backbone network and broadband VPN solutions for end-user-serving communications providers, on-line service providers and information-intensive enterprises.

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