Occupancy Sensors conserve energy by un-lighting unoccupied areas.

Press Release Summary:

Used to conserve energy and meet Title 24 building energy codes dimming or turning off lights in unoccupied spaces, bi-level dimming occupancy sensors incorporate PIR (Passive Infrared), ultrasonic, and microwave technology. Bluetooth®-enabled version, which can be controlled remotely by Android or IOS device, supports initial set up as well as subsequent sensor adjustments. Microwave version uses Doppler Effect to detect motion and can be installed within fixture housing.

Original Press Release:

Un-Lighting Unoccupied Spaces.......

McWong International Inc. announced that they are introducing a new Line of Bi-level dimming Occupancy sensors for the Lighting  Industry. These sensors will incorporate PIR ( Passive Infrared ), Ultrasonic and Microwave technology to not only un-light unoccupied spaces, but conserve energy and meet the new Title 24 building energy codes. This full line of sensors will also offer a Bluetooth enabled version which will allow initial set up, subsequent sensor adjustments and can be controlled remotely by an Android or IOS device . The new Microwave version which uses the Doppler Effect to detect motion can be installed within the fixture housing and will be offered in one of the smallest form factors currently available. This is extremely important to building owners, occupants and specifiers to maintain the Architectural Intent of any Luminaire especially when control is required.

McWong International Inc. is a California based technology company with multiple factories in China that has provided power and control products to the Lighting Industry for over 30 years. The Engineering team at McWong has continued to stay on the fore front of new technology to not only meet but exceed the ever demanding energy codes of California and the World.  Please visit them at the Upcoming Strategies in Light / LED Show  March 1st through 3rd in Santa Clara California, Booth #1033

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