Obzerv Announces C$650,000 Defense Contract

Range-Gated Active-Imager Selected for Airborne Systems

Vancouver, Canada - January 26, 2007 - Extreme CCTV Inc. (TSX:EXC) today announced that its strategic partner, Obzerv Technologies Inc., has been awarded a contract worth approximately $650,000 by DRDC (Defense Research and Development Canada). The contract to develop and integrate a range-gated active-imaging camera payload into a L3-Wescam MX-20 Multi-Spectral Imaging turret is a valuable part of the AIMS (Advanced Integrated Multi-Sensing Surveillance) TDP (Technology Demonstration Project), improving tactical surveillance and SAR sensing capabilities for the Canadian Forces. The targeted platforms are FWSAR, CP-140 as well as UAV's.

Obzerv's range-gated active-imaging cameras have recently been deployed at key strategic locations for coastal surveillance and are producing detailed identification of ships at long ranges beyond 10 kilometers and through airborne obscurity such as mist and fog. Mr. Deni Bonnier, Obzerv's President comments: "Last Fall, three ARGC-2400 cameras (formerly the ATV-2000i) were integrated seamlessly to existing radar stations within a national security surveillance project in southeast Asia. While the radar is dedicated for the detection and location of unusual activity and threats, the ARGC-2400 long-range cameras classify and identify these targets. No other technology has this capability. Now that Obzerv's active-imaging cameras have proven effectiveness for land-based applications, we want to provide our customers this new breakthrough identification capability from airborne stabilized platforms for search and rescue and defense applications."

Thanks to the DALIS(TM) laser source illuminator, the night vision cameras developed by Obzerv provide the capability to perform long-range identification. Compared to thermal cameras that are based on the temperature contrast of objects, Obzerv cameras collect the reflection of the laser pulse from targets, which allows any registration mark to be read and low contrast scene to be clearly assessed. Operating day and night, the active imaging system becomes extremely valuable and uniquely effective during overcast nights and in degraded weather conditions (snow, fog, rain), frequently encountered in coast guard surveillance, antiterrorism operations, and search and rescue missions.

"The DND's specific requirements for range-gated active-imaging capability in the AIMS (Advanced Integrated Multi-Sensing Surveillance) project is the latest testimony that Obzerv's technology is becoming a necessity in a multi-spectral surveillance world," says Jack Gin, President and CEO of Extreme CCTV.

Extreme CCTV holds a 31% equity interest in Obzerv by way of a convertible debenture.

Obzerv Technologies (www.obzerv.com)
Obzerv Technologies, headquartered in Quebec, Canada, specializes in the design, and manufacturing of Laser Range-Gated Imaging System for night surveillance. Obzerv is a spin-off of National Optics Institute (INO, www.ino.ca), a R&D center located in Sainte-Foy, Qc, Canada and counts amongst its shareholders, Extreme CCTV (TSX: EXC).

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