NSAT-707 2.45GHz Active RFID Micro Strap Tag

The NephSystem Technologies's NSAT-707 battery replaceable 2.45GHz Active RFID Micro Strap tag is an active tag that continuously transmits a unique ID number at pre-set beaconing intervals, which can be detected and decoded by NephSystem's NSAR series of active readers. The internal replaceable-battery powers the tag and ensures longer battery life at higher rates of transmission.It uses advanced 0.13um CMOS IC technology and provides the unique anti-collision feature allowing for a simultaneous read of up to 200 tags with NephSystem's NSAR series of active readers. It is ideally used for applications of Asset Tracking, Security Management, Shop Floor, and Objects Positioning, etc.

Main Features:

Micro/compact and replaceable battery design
Unique 8-character long tag ID
Industrial PVC plastic housing, water/dust proof
IP50 Rated
long reading distance, up to 80 meters with NephSystem's NSAR active readers
Keyhole and industrial-Strength Adhesive Backing design Keeps tag securely in Place
Low Cost


Operating Frequency : 2.400-2.4835GHz
Modulation : GFSK
Output Power : -6dBm
Communication Rate : 1Mbps
Pre-set Beaconing interval : 1 second / interval
Reading Range : Up to 80m
Identification Accuracy : >99.99%
Water/Dust proof : IP50
Battery Life : 3 years
Power Supply : Internal 450mAh lithium replaceable-battery
Shock Resistance : 10 ~ 2000Hz, 20mm/15g, Triaxial
Reliability : MTBF greater than or equal to 1*100000 h
Mounting: Adhesive and Keyhole

For more information about this NephSystem's NSAT-707 battery replaceable 2.45GHz Active RFID Micro Strap tag, please visit www.nephsystem.com or contact inquiry@nephsystem.com or sales@nephsystem.com

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