Nozzle has modular construction.

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Suited for use on Videojet EXCEL series coding and marking systems, EZ JET nozzle features field-replaceable components that can be cleaned or swapped out by in-house operators. This enables users to take it apart, change orifice or filter, flush it out, or replace faulty components. Nozzle accepts orifice sizes from 36-120 micron, making unit suitable for customers changing over one line or operating multiple lines.

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InkJet, Inc. Presents Innovative EZ JET Nozzle at Interpack

January 18, 2005 - InkJet, Inc., the leading supplier of low cost, high quality inks and replacement parts to the coding and marking industry, offers its new EZ JET nozzle for use on all Videojet EXCEL series coding and marking systems at Interpack Hall 12 / Stand B04-6. The innovative EZ JET nozzle features field-replaceable components that can easily be cleaned or swapped out by in-house operators, eliminating the need to replace the entire nozzle assembly. A simple and cost-effective alternative to expensive OEM nozzles, the EZ JET nozzle from InkJet, Inc. (IJI) reduces operating costs and enhances printer performance.

"With the EZ JET nozzle, we can take it apart, we can change the orifice and we can change the filter. We can flush it out or replace only the components that are faulty rather than having to buy the entire nozzle," explained one satisfied customer. "We've reduced operating costs and we've reduced inventory carrying costs."

With traditional closed-unit OEM nozzles, dirt that gets past the filter into the orifice causes the print quality to suffer or printing to stop altogether. Since you can't get the nozzle apart, there is no way to clean it out. With EZ JET, a customer buys the nozzle and never needs to buy another. As parts wear or problems arise, the customer can clean or replace components at a minimal cost, basically building a new nozzle instead of buying the entire closed unit at significantly higher cost.

"We were initially interested in the EZ JET nozzle in an effort to lower costs but the real measure of success is print quality and uptime. We've found the quality is there and the unit is never down." This IJI customer operates in a challenging production environment with temperatures reaching 1000F and humidity reaching 90 percent on a high-speed line that handles 6000 units per hour. Adding to the challenge, the ink jet print head is placed below the line and directed up where the nozzle is susceptible to clogging. The customer concluded, "If the EZ JET nozzle will perform here for us, it will perform anywhere."

IJI designed the EZ JET nozzle specifically so in-house operators could easily replace critical nozzle components themselves to keep the coding and marking equipment functioning at peak performance while maintaining costs. And eliminating reliance on specialized technicians for nozzle service helps customers keep production lines up and running to maximize production output.

To further reduce operating costs, IJI designed the EZ JET nozzle to accept all orifice sizes used with Videojet EXCEL series printers from 36 micron to 120 micron. Customers using different orifice sizes, either changing over one line or operating multiple lines, can now stock a variety inexpensive orifice assemblies rather than several complete OEM nozzle assemblies. This versatility helps customers minimize inventory-carrying costs.

IJI backs the EZ JET nozzle and its field-replaceable components with a full one-year warranty. The company also supplies a complete line of aftermarket inkjet fluids, OEM replacement parts and offers experienced service technicians for maintenance and repair of coding and marking equipment.

About InkJet, Inc.

InkJet, Inc., founded in 1990, provides high-quality, competitively priced inkjet printing inks, fluids, parts and technical support to the global coding and marking industry. In a segment dominated by OEMs such as Videojet, Imaje and Domino, InkJet, Inc. has proven that quality, price and service delivers superior value; the company has carved out annual sales of more than $10 million. Its corporate office and recently expanded research, manufacturing and warehouse facilities share a 26-acre site in Willis, Texas. Through its extensive sales network, InkJet, Inc. serves more than 3000 customers in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, mechanical, automotive, food, beverage, cosmetic and other industries in more than 50 countries. InkJet, Inc. is an ISO 9001 Certified Company.

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