Now Homeowners Can Save on Energy Bills and Avoid Fossil Fuels Even When Temperatures Drop Below Zero with Acadia(TM), New from Hallowell International

Cold climate residents especially rejoice as patented all-in-one heating and cooling system cuts costs and reduces carbon footprint

BANGOR, Maine, Oct. 24 / / -- As homeowners brace for record high heating bills this winter they have a new source of relief with Acadia(TM): the combined heating and cooling system from Hallowell International ( This patented new system is all-electric, eliminating the need for expensive and pollutant fossil fuels. Acadia outperforms conventional heating systems by 200 percent, and has already lowered home energy bills by up to 70 percent -- even when outside temperatures reach well below zero.

Acadia early adopters have experienced sizable energy savings and appreciate that they are also helping the environment. Steve S, a homeowner in Portland Oregon said, "We originally bought the Acadia because we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, the more we learned the more excited we became ... we are very happy with the Acadia and think it's not only great technology to help us reduce emissions of green house gases, but also it is surprisingly inexpensive to run."

How does it work? Simply stated, Acadia is a next generation heat pump, a single system engineered to comfortably and efficiently heat and cool homes no matter what the weather outside, making it both economical and environmentally friendly. Traditional heat pumps lose efficiency when temperatures outside drop below freezing, requiring additional, expensive resistance heaters to keep homes heated. The engineers at Hallowell International resolved this issue with the patented Opti-Cycle(TM) booster that enables the Acadia to run efficiently in temperatures as cold as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The savings is even greater when compared to fossil fuels. Acadia is 300 percent efficient, compared to the 95 percent efficiency rate of the best natural gas furnaces.

"The Acadia is a wonderful milestone for cold weather consumers and of course the environment," said Duane A. Hallowell, President and CEO of Hallowell International. "We continue to develop technologies that will aid in protecting our planet and are within reach to the average consumer."

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