Now Arriving Home is Even Fun in The Rain

Today's luxury vehicle owners expect a stylish ambience and superior comfort not only in their car but also their own four walls. To ensure that driving into one's own garage also meets these high expectations, Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), one of the world's leading suppliers of automotive interior systems, electronics and batteries, has now closed the comfort gap between home and car. The company designs and produces the HomeLink integrated, remote-controlled garage door opener for all Porsche models. This means drivers no longer have to step out of their car in the pouring rain to open their garage door - they can do so automatically at the touch of a button from the comfort of their car. Already available in the Cayenne, HomeLink is now offered as an optional extra for the 911 Carrera (S) and Boxster (S) as well.

Apart from conveniently opening garage doors, HomeLink offers plenty of other benefits. Since it recognizes the frequencies of almost any radio-controlled handset device, the system can control up to three functions - such as garage doors and property gates or lighting and home alarm systems - all at the touch of a button and from the comfort of the car. The transmitter can be programmed in a few simple steps and is just as easy to operate.

The comfortable aspect of this system is that the remote control is built into the overhead console of the vehicle - styled to coordinate perfectly with the Porsche interior design: inconspicuous and yet ergonomically geared for maximum driver comfort. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to replace handset batteries, since the power supply comes from the onboard electronics. And there's no more hunting around for a handheld remote either.

The new Porsche models have the added advantage of being fitted with the second generation of this garage door opener. This latest version of HomeLink is compatible with almost all garage door openers - even those that work on the interference-free 868 MHz frequency.

HomeLink also is the first universal remote control that can recognize the frequencies of a wide range of handheld transmitters from various manufacturers - and operate them all using a single system.

The ultimate in product comfort, HomeLink is destined to become increasingly popular with car drivers.

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