Novel Binder targets paperboard and packaging industries.

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Consisting of vinyl acetate-ethylene-copolymer dispersion, VINNAPAS® EF 104 has been developed specifically for coating of paperboard surfaces and complies with food contact regulatory requirements. Binder provides good calendered sheet gloss, brightness, and high opacity, and facilitates clear, sharp print images on coated surfaces. In addition, product offers optimized dry and wet pick coating strength, which are critical for print quality and converting of coated paper and paper board.

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WACKER Introduces Novel Binder for the Paperboard and Packaging Industries

Munich / Georgia — The Munich-based WACKER Group is introducing a novel binder for coated paperboard and packaging applications at this year’s PaperCon: VINNAPAS® EF 104 is vinyl acetate-ethylene-copolymer (VAE) dispersion that has been developed specifically for the coating of paperboard surfaces. The binder is easy to process and provides good print quality on coated paperboard. Plus, the dispersion complies with current food contact regulatory requirements. That makes VINNAPAS® EF 104 particularly suitable for coatings on paperboard packaging, for example for breakfast cereals, frozen food, perfume or pharma products. PaperCon takes place in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) from April 19 to 22.

The new VINNAPAS® EF 104 has been developed for demanding paperboard coatings, specifically for high-quality printed packaging. Thanks to innovative polymer modifications, this is the first binder based on vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers (VAE) that offers a range of performance properties that has been possible only with alternative systems – until now.

VINNAPAS® EF 104 provides good calendered sheet gloss, brightness and high opacity. Surfaces coated with the new binder facilitate a clear, sharp print image with bright colors and good ink gloss. The product offers exceptional dry and wet pick coating strength, which are critical for good print quality and converting of coated paper and paper board. VINNAPAS® EF 104 further shows similar rheology behavior to alternative binders such as styrene acrylics and styrene butadiene latexes. Additionally, the new product can be readily formulated into a coating color and applied using conventional paper coating methods.

A further benefit: VINNAPAS® EF 104 complies with numerous statutory food-contact regulations, such as those of the US-American Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Commission Regulation of the European Union or the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung BfR). “Our novel binder VINNAPAS® EF 104 shows excellent product properties and thus complements WACKER’s broad portfolio for paper and packaging applications”, says Rob Cuscino, marketing manager at WACKER POLYMERS. “Until now, oil-based binders were predominantly used for coating high quality paperboard, but our new VINNAPAS® EF 104 now offers a VAE-based alternative.”

VINNAPAS® EF 104 is therefore an ideal binder for high-quality coated paperboard packaging with a wide range of applications: from upmarket folding boxes for personal care and pharma products, to printed paperboard for colorful food and beverage packaging.

Color space measurements of proofs printed on coated paperboard: the newly developed VINNAPAS® EF 104 confers excellent print images on the end product and is thus an ideal binder for coatings used for offset, roto and flexo printing of coated paperboard packaging, for example for personal care and pharma products, or food and beverage packaging (photo: Wacker Chemie AG).

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