Novamix Granulator

The Novamix Granulator is a high intensity mixer designed to intimately mix, disperse, wet, and granulate powders for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The primary design of the Novamix is a "Tulip" shaped mix bowl and specially configured Main Impeller and Breaker.

Most granulators include the following: Stainless Steel construction; Mirror Polished product contact parts; Jacketed mix bowls for heating or cooling; Mechanical shaft seals with lubrication; Pneumatic discharge valves; Adjustable height frame; Variable speed agitators; Sight glass with wiper and Control panels.

The following options are also available: Mix bowl interior designed for 150 psig internal pressure ASME code construction; Explosion proof electricals; Dust removal systems; Automated spray nozzle systems; Touch-screen controls; Mezzanine platforms; Auxiliary equipment (Rotary valves, Rupture discs, Sifters, Chillers) and Safety Risk Analysis.

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