NOVA Analytical Systems Re-Launches Sample Conditioning System with New Features

Nova Analytical Systems, worldwide supplier of gas analysis equipment, has added new capabilities to their line-up of sample conditioning equipment.

The well-known Model 7240 Probe and Heated Filter System is designed to filter out particulate matter prior to gas analysis. This component has typically been applied to flue gas streams where the sample gas is normally at near-atmospheric pressure.

However, some applications in the steel industry have high particulate and are at high pressures. These applications also frequently require installation into hazardous rated areas such as Class 1 Division 2 Group B.

In response to these realities, the Model 7240 has been expanded into a product line with high pressure and hazardous area capabilities. The new models are as follows:

· Model 7240 - Heated Stack Sample Filter

· Model 7241-XP - Heated Stack Sample Filter for Hazardous Areas

· Model 7242-HP - Heated Sample Filter for Process Applications Under Pressure

· Model 7243-XP/HP - Heated Stack Sample Filter Process Applications Under Pressure in Hazardous Areas

NOVA Analytical Systems is a manufacturer of gas analysis equipment and is part of the international Tenova Group. Tenova designs and supplies advanced technologies, products, and services for the metals and mining industries. Tenova operates close to its customers through a network of 33 companies based on the 5 continents.

For information on these and other gas analyzer systems, give Mike or Dave at Nova a call, or send us an e-mail.


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