NOTIFIER Launches Video Smoke Detection with D-Tec

Northford, Conn. - NOTIFIER, part of Honeywell Fire Systems, will now offer Video Smoke Detection (VSD) as part of its comprehensive line of fire and smoke detection products and technologies. The new video smoke detection offering has been made possible through an agreement with UK-based D-Tec, a pioneer and World leader in VSD.

VSD is based on the computer analysis of video images provided by CCTV cameras. It uses standard CCTV cameras (black and white, color, infrared, existing or new) linked to a self contained processing system which is capable of recognizing smoke and flame patterns within the video image. VSD uses sophisticated software algorithms to automatically identify the specific motion pattern of smoke and fire while ignoring other on-screen movement patterns from up to four cameras simultaneously. When fire or smoke is detected, the VSD system alerts the operator both at the operating terminal and at an unlimited number of remote locations.

VSD is used in applications where traditional smoke detection technologies may be impractical or inefficient, such as large open areas, very high ceilings, or high air flows that can prevent smoke from reaching a spot-type smoke detector, thereby delaying alarm activation. Applications include industrial processing plants, power generation plants, tunnels, aircraft hangers, mass transit facilities, shopping malls, historic structures, or areas that are inaccessible or unsafe for traditional detection technology. VSD can operate in all of these environments without any compromise to alarm response time. It can detect smoke and/or fire in any area visible to a standard video camera, even through glass.

VSD is a natural extension of NOTIFIER's existing product and technology portfolio, and will be sold through their established network of independent Engineered Systems Distributors (ESDs).

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