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Notebook Computer is suited for SMBs.

Press Release Summary:

Equipped with 12.1 in. XGA TFT display, Think Express models of the ThinkPad® X41 notebook are powered by 1.5 GHz Pentium M Low Voltage processor and feature 2 MB L2 cache, 400 MHz FSB, and SpeedStep technology. Integrated fingerprint reader prevents unauthorized access, while 8-cell system battery has 8.1 hr life. In 10.5 x 8.3 in. footprint, notebook features Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG or open Mini-PCI slot, powered USB 2.0 port, and 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN connectivity.

Original Press Release:

New IBM Think Express Models of the ThinkPad X41 Notebook Include a One-Year or a Three-Year Limited Warranty

At a glance

The new Think Express ThinkPad X41 notebook models for small and medium business feature:

All-day battery life (up to 8.11 hours) with an eight-cell system battery (standard on some systems, optional on the others) plus an optional extended-life (or bay) battery

Enhanced port replication and expansion via the optional ThinkPad X4 UltraBase Dock

Intel Pentium M Low Voltage (LV) processor 758 (1.5 GHz2, 2 MB L2 cache, 400 MHz front-side bus (FSB)) with Intel SpeedStep technology

Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG3 or open Mini-PCI slot

Integrated UltraConnect(TM) antenna to help optimize worldwide frequency coverage and performance for improved wireless LAN connectivity on 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g4 networks5

IBM Embedded Security Subsystem 2.06

Sleek profile and light weight

Easy one-button access to information on your system with the Access IBM button

IBM Rescue and Recovery

Extensive standard ports/slots, including new powered USB 2.0 port and Secure Digital card slot

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Support Center: 800-IBM-SERV (426-7378)


New Think Express models of the ThinkPad® X41 notebook are ideal for small and medium business. Models are as light as 1.25 kg (2.8 lb)7 and delivers a footprint as small as 268 x 211 mm (10.5 x 8.3 in).

New data protection: New integrated fingerprint reader technology on selected models helps to prevent unauthorized access to your ThinkPad notebook and data.

Fingerprint reader is integrated into the palm rest of the ThinkPad notebook computer.

Combine the integrated fingerprint reader with IBM Password Manager and the IBM Embedded Security Subsystem for strong security measures that are easy to follow.

Fingerprint reader offers users a convenient solution - Authenticate at system startup and log on to Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM) with a swipe of your finger and a single password.

Sensational options

Powered USB optical drives: Read and write DVDs without the use of an adapter.

ThinkPad X4 UltraBase Dock: Cable management and expansion are made easy through a variety of Ultrabay(TM) Slim options.

Feel the power

Intel(TM) Centrino mobile technology on selected models:

Intel Pentium(TM) M processor family

Intel PRO/Wireless family

Intel 915GM family

Data security with IBM Embedded Security Subsystem 2.0, Trusted Computing Group (TCG)-compliant (software download required)

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900

400 MHz FSB with 2 MB cache

40 or 60 GB HDD8

Standard 256 or 512 MB9,10 PC2-4200 DDR2 memory11, expandable with SDRAM modules to a maximum 1.28 or 1.536 GB12

Brilliant 307-mm (12.1-in) XGA TFT display with 1024 x 768 resolution

Eight-cell Li-Ion battery for up to 5.7 hours of battery operation

Get connected

Variety of network connections: 56K V.9013 modem (V.9214-designed) and Gigabit Ethernet; Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG15 or integrated Bluetooth wireless technology on selected models

Extensive standard ports, including two USB 2.0 (one powered), external display, RJ-45, RJ-11, and infrared

Secure Digital card slot for options that enable storage expansion, communications, and data transfer between PCs and peripherals

Infrared port for wireless data transfer or synchronization with a PDA or cell phone

Take control

ThinkLight®: Easy to see your keyboard in low-light conditions

Access IBM: One-button access to online information (requires Internet access, not included)

Management tools to help your system run smoothly

Rescue and Recovery(TM)

Access Connections

IBM Active Protection system, a ThinkVantage(TM) technology, to protect your HDD from some damage that could be caused by falls

Planned availability

April 2005

Reference information

1 These model numbers achieved the Ziff Davis Media Inc.'s Business Winstone 2002 BatteryMark V1.0 battery rundown time of at least the time shown. This test was performed without independent verification by the VeriTest testing division of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (VeriTest) nor Ziff Davis Media Inc.; neither Ziff Davis Media Inc. nor VeriTest makes any representations or warranties as to these test results. For a description of the environment under which the test was performed, visit

Battery life (and recharge times) varies based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning, and other customer preferences. Recharge time also varies depending on system mode.

2 With Intel SpeedStep, processor speed may be reduced to conserve battery power.

3 Wi-Fi wireless upgradable models may be wireless-enabled with the addition of an optional wireless LAN Mini-PCI card. These systems are designed to operate only with wireless LAN Mini-PCI options sold by IBM.

4 11a, 11b, and 11g wireless are based on IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g. An adapter with 11b/g or 11a/b/g can communicate on any of these formats; the actual connection is based on the access point to which it connects.

5 Requires compatible Mini-PCI wireless enabled options, sold separately.

6 Requires download of client security software from the Web.

7 Includes battery; weight may vary depending on vendor components, manufacturing process, or options.

8 GB equals one billion bytes when referring to HDD. Accessible capacity may vary. Up to 4 GB is used in service partition.

9 If 256 MB base memory is installed, the system recognizes up to 1.28 GB of addressable memory. If 512 base MB memory is installed, the system recognizes up to 1.536 GB of addressable memory. Memory options up to 1024 MB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM SO DIMM can be added for maximum memory expansion.

10 For PCs without a separate video card, memory supports both system and video. Accessible system memory is up to 64 MB less than the amount stated, depending on video mode.

11 Memory operates at 400 MHz, equivalent to 4200 MB per second.

12 Maximum memory capacity may require the replacement of the standard component with the largest supported component available.

13 The V.90 modem can receive data at up to 56 Kbps from a compatible service provider and transmit data at up to 31.2 Kbps. Public networks currently limit maximum download speeds to about 53 Kbps. Actual speeds depend on many factors and are often less than the maximum possible.

14 Public network download speeds are limited to 53 Kbps. Upload speeds are limited to 48 Kbps for V.92 modems. V.92 functions and speeds require a compatible phone line and server equipment, and download of a V.92 support device driver when available. Check with your telephone and Internet service providers for availability.

15 Wi-Fi wireless lets you connect to a LAN without wires or cables. To connect to the Internet, the Cisco AP1200 (or similar device) and an Internet connection are required. This product has been tested and certified to be interoperable by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance and is authorized to carry the Wi-Fi logo.

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