North American Machine Works Now Sells the Dan-Ex Dual Expanding Plug Valve

Introduced in 1979 by the Daniel Valve Company, the Dan-Ex dual expanding plug was designed to improve the integrity for double block and bleed valve applications. Design improvements include a solid carbon steel plug, one piece camshaft, and large diameter plug trunions.

Dan-Ex valves are currently manufactured in Western Valve's state of the art manufacturing facility in Bakersfield, CA. Thousands of Dan-Ex valves have been installed in pipelines, liquid terminals, and aviation fueling operations worldwide since its introduction in 1979. The widespread use of the Dan-Ex valve is a result of its superior design and manufacturing quality.

NAMW is a stocking distributor for the Dan-Ex valve. Inventory is located in our Folcroft, PA facility to meet the demanding needs of our customer base. Whether a valve needs a stem extension or a motor operator, NAMW can supply a valve in the matter of days, not weeks. In addition to supply of new valves, NAMW provides complete refurbishment of expanding plug valves from Dan-Ex as well as other manufacturers. We support the complete life cycle of these critical valves.

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