North American First: Tiger-Vac Gets Portable Vacuum Cleaners Certified for Class II Division 2 by OSHA Approved NRTL

Tiger-Vac, manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners, is proud to announce that two of its flagship models, CWR-10EX (4W) and C-10EX (DT) MFS, have been officially certified by CSA, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), as meeting OSHA's Combustible Dust NEP requirements. This certification meets America’s stringent regulation in industrial housekeeping and is a first in the domain.

Introduced in 2008, OSHA's Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program (NEP) contains policies and procedures for inspecting workplaces that create or handle combustible dusts. These dusts may cause a deflagration other fires, or an explosion. In this context, proper housekeeping methods include the use of a dust ignition protected, portable or fix industrial vacuum cleaner system.

Tiger-Vac's CWR-10EX (4W) and C-10EX (DT) MFS have both been tested and legally certified by CSA for use in Class II, Division 2, Groups F G work environment. They are recognized as dust ignition protected, therefore meeting all of OSHA's Combustible Dust NEP requirements. In short, these vacuum cleaners are recognized and certified as a safe way to pick-up combustible dusts in a hazardous location.

CWR-10EX (4W) and C-10EX (DT) MFS feature stainless steel construction and HEPA or ULPA filtration. While CWR-10EX (4W) is rated for use in a cleanroom environment, it can be part of any housekeeping program in an industrial environment.

To have portable vacuum cleaners certified for Class II Division 2 by an OSHA approved NRTL is a North American first. While Tiger-Vac is proud of this achievement, the company hopes it will pave the way to further product certification and, ultimately, to much needed clarifications in a market where requirements for category of product is not always well understood by customers and manufacturers.

About Tiger-Vac Inc.

Manufacturer of specialized vacuum cleaners designed for specific industrial applications, Tiger-Vac has over 40 years experience and an unmatched commitment to the safety of your workers and your work environment. Recognized as an industry leader, Tiger-Vac offers a complete line of explosion proof/dust ignition proof vacuum cleaner systems for the recovery of combustible and flammable materials, vacuum systems with manufacturer certified HEPA and ULPA filters for cleanroom applications and contamination-controlled environments and vacuums for all heavy-duty applications in hazardous locations, such as metalworking, powder coating, aerospace and the food industry.  For more information on our complete line of products and to learn more about industrial vacuum cleaners, visit our website:

About CSA

CSA Group provides testing and certification, product evaluation, energy efficiency verification and standards development services for the global market. Widely recognized by numerous North American and international organizations for providing testing certification services, it is recognized, amongst others, by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and accredited as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). For more information, visit


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