Nortel Demonstrates IPTV, IMS Services over WiMAX

4G Innovations to Enhance Subscriber Experience, Speed Delivery of Mobile Broadband Communications

BOSTON, Oct. 10 / -- Nortel(x) (NYSE/TSX: NT) today unveiled a new demonstration of real-time, multimedia IPTV and IMS services over a live high-speed, 4G WiMAX network. The demonstration, shown at the WiMAX World trade show in Boston, October 10-12, emphasizes Nortel's expertise in delivering personalized, advanced IP-based broadband services across any device - TV, telephone, PDA - and accessed from any network - wireless or DSL/cable.

Nortel's demonstration shows a variety of ways TVs and other devices can be used for personalized, high-speed communication and entertainment services such as broadcast video, video-on-demand, VoIP, instant messaging, gaming and click to call.

In Nortel's demonstration, an IP television (IPTV) service over a live high-speed WiMAX connection is used to view and download broadcast TV (via a four Megabit stream) with integrated electronic program guide. While this is happening, users are also able to share instant messaging and pictures captured on screen or from other devices with other viewers. The demonstration also shows click-to-call capability, enabling viewers to make VoIP calls using IMS.

"This demonstration is an impressive accomplishment because it illustrates the potential of delivering advanced broadband services over a cost-effective WiMAX connection and delivering a communication experience that is tailored to the users individual likes and preferences," said Phil Marshall, vice president, Yankee Group. "This would be an ideal deployment option for a service provider wanting to offer traditional communications services like voice along with high-quality, bandwidth intensive services like video to under developed regions and sparsely populated areas where traditional cable and DSL connections are not available."

"4G Mobile Broadband technologies will usher in the ecosystem to deliver a host of new applications such as mobile video via IPTV. Today's demonstration is another example of how we are focused on making next-generation communications simple and affordable," said George Riedel, chief strategy officer, Nortel. "To ensure service providers meet the exploding demand for broadband services with universal anywhere, anytime, any device capabilities, we are eliminating the traditional barriers that prohibit businesses and consumers from having true portability across any type of network."

Nortel's IMS will allow users to access their personal files (address book, calendar, buddy lists) and web content (web-based news and entertainment subscriptions and broadcast services) using any IP-based device and with a single sign-on. Nortel is leveraging its' expertise and leadership position with more than 500 carrier VoIP deployments to this IMS-enabled application.

WiMAX is the first of the 4G Mobile Broadband technologies based on OFDM and MIMO to be deployed commercially. Nortel's MIMO-powered WiMAX solution enables a broad range of ecosystem opportunities - both in services and devices. It is an ideal access method to support the delivery of high bandwidth applications such as networked gaming, streamed digital music, video, videoconferencing, VoIP and other real-time services. In addition, Nortel's WiMAX solution delivers three to five times the efficiency of today's commercially deployed 3G cellular networks for wireless data at as little as one-tenth the cost per bit.

Nortel's IPTV, IMS and WiMAX solutions are some of the most open implementations in the market. This allows content providers, developers and service providers to deliver content more easily and effectively because the open environment helps eliminate the need for different schemes and codes for each service or application.

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