Norheat Completes Project at McConway & Torley

Norheat Treatment Inc. recently completed an austenitizing furnace project that incorporated the application of a proprietary high-temperature, energy-efficient ceramic coating on the hot face of the refractory insulation to eliminate shrinking and devitrification of the ceramic fiber and hot spots on the furnace shell.

The project consisted of coating the entire furnace sidewalls, door and roof with the following benefits to the client:

  • Lower Heat Loss - Minimizes heat transfer through the furnace refractory walls
  • Lower Maintenance Costs - Protects the substrate refractory
  • Improved Furnace Operation - Improves the thermal efficiency of the process

 In applications such as these, Norheat Treatment Inc. supplies a proprietary, high temperature, energy-efficient ceramic coating from ITC Coatings to work in concert with the furnace conditions and all types of refractory design. Under ideal conditions, high-temperature, energy-efficient ceramic coatings absorb energy from the process and re-radiate it to the furnace load.

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