Nordic ID Monitor and Nordic ID Thermo Ensure Quality of Foodstuffs


Manual temperature control now belongs to the past

The Finnish company presents two completely new products: the Nordic ID Monitor and Nordic ID Thermo will offer retailers straightforward, user-friendly temperature control for foodstuffs and cooling appliances - an area that is growing in importance as EU regulations become increasingly strict. Both new solutions are perfectly designed for use with Nordic ID Morphic, a versatile mobile computer for retail.

With Nordic ID Monitor, Nordic ID has developed a favorably priced general-purpose system that can be put to work quickly and automates the monitoring of temperatures in the retail sector. The Nordic ID Monitor consists of wireless sensors, a base station and a server application for temperature control. The sensors can be applied directly to refrigerated counters or freezers to monitor the temperatures of the appliances continuously. The data are passed wirelessly to the application on the server for storing and further processing. Using the Nordic ID Monitor, all temperature measuring processes and all data transmissions are completely automatic - making manual temperature recordings a thing of the past. On the basis of the temperatures recorded, the application generates reports and trend curves. The system also sends warning message to a Nordic ID's handheld as soon as the temperature of a refrigerated counter leaves the preset temperature range. This allows staff to inte rvene straightaway. The regular temperature controls not only assure the quality of foodstuffs - they also eliminate unnecessary refrigerating and defrosting processes, and so cut energy consumption.

The second innovation is the Nordic ID Thermo - a temperature stick, which is ideal for periodical checks. The recorded data are transmitted to the Nordic ID Morphic via Bluetooth, are shown on the display, and can then be stored or processed further. With the Nordic ID Thermo, retailers can be sure of the quality and storability of foodstuffs when they are delivered or prepared for serving.

Nordic ID

Originally a small engineering company, Nordic ID, based in Salo "the mobile valley of Finland", has grown to be one of the main providers of handheld terminals and computers for retail and industry, with customers such as WH Smith, Spar, Coop, Adidas and Kaiser's Tengelmann. Every morning between 8 and 9, over 2 million retail transactions are processed by Nordic ID handhelds. Annually the company supplies over 10.000 products that use the latest wireless and mobile telecommunications technology.

Company Name: Nordic ID
Address 1: Myllyojankatu 2a
City: SALO
Zip: 24100
Country: FINLAND
Phone: 040 3557554

Contact Name: Katja Kettunen
Organization: Nordic ID

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