NORDENIA USA Adds Flexible HPP Packaging to Portfolio

100-day test passed

Jackson, MO - NORDENIA USA is bringing its first flexible food packaging suitable for High Pressure Processing (HPP) to the market. The HPP packaging has been developed by the corporate R&D organization NORDENIA TECHNOLGIES. Part of the development process was a micro-growth study conducted by an independent certified food institute during which the HPP package successfully passed a 100-day test with chicken breast strips. The target market for the new packaging is upscale food items manufactures who promote their products to consumers who want to choose healthy food. HPP treatment considerably extends the shelf life of sensitive products while retaining their natural taste and most vitamins.

"We did extensive research in order to get a very good fundamental understanding of the technique and to make sure that all requirements are fulfilled to produce a packaging that is 100 percent safe to use with HPP", says project engineer Maik Hach of
NORDENIA TECHNOLGIES. In order to avoid microbial pollution the barriers have to remain intact during high pressures applied to the packaging after the filling process and throughout the whole storage time.

"We deliberately chose a sensitive product like poultry stored over an unusually long period of time for the test", explains Kevin Dorris, Marketing Coordinator at NORDENIA USA. "Having passed the test we can now guarantee every customer that our HPP films work. This was a very important step for us, since we did not want to take any
risks with sensitive food prone to microbial pollution." The benefits of NORDENIA's HPP packaging are the same as with existing packaging treated with this technique: No preservatives have to be added to increase the shelf life and the food stays fresher
and crisper compared to food treated with retort process. NORDENIA's HPP films are available as pre-made bags, FlexZiBox® (side-gusseted bags), rollstock and lidstock. The packaging can be equipped with easy opening, zippers, sliders, handles, and other convenience features.

NORDENIA USA is bringing its first HPP packaging to the market. Part of the development process was a micro-growth study during which the package successfully passed a 100-day test with chicken breast strips.

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